It’s already grown! This is what Javi from “Little Giants” currently looks like and sings corridos lying down: VIDEO

“Little Giants” became one of the programs most successful on Mexican television, so the famous reality show where children competed and demonstrated their talent with their voices had several seasons after presenting a high level of audience.

And precisely within the first season of “Little Giants” a boy left the judges with their mouths open after demonstrating with various songs the power of his voice, which reached different ranks that immediately conquered the public

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The winner of the first season of “Little Giants”

This is Javier Ruiz, who established himself as the winner from the first season of this hit reality show. Let us remember that this season began in the year 2011and its success was such that there were a total of four seasons of the contest.

Although Javier Ruiz was the competitor youngest of the show with just 5 years, was one of the contestants who managed to take over the heart of the audience , in addition to the fact that thanks to his occurrences the little boy got a space in the memory of Mexicans with his outstanding talentsympathy and fun jokes every Sunday.

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Javi currently sings corridos lying down

The tender boy stood out and is also remembered because in the competition He was the galancito in the parody of the telenovela Teresa, the same one that was starred in the reality show by his partner Montserrat García, in addition to Javi shined on other funny sketches in the talent show.

Javi is currently 17 years old, and we can see him succeeding on social networks, especially on TikTok, where he constantly interacts with his fans, but also often shares his worked in various covers, especially within the corridos and corridos lying down, since the young Javier Ruiz he has shown that he likes this genre, as well as playing the guitar skillfully within these genres.



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It’s already grown! This is what Javi from “Little Giants” currently looks like and sings corridos lying down: VIDEO