Itatí Cantoral’s twins not only look like their father, but also their grandfather: photos prove it

Since they were born in August 2000, the twins of the mexican actors Itatí Cantoral and Eduardo Santamarina surprised by having a tremendous physical resemblance to his famous father.

As they have grown, the similarities between Roberto Miguel and José Eduardo with the soap opera heartthrob as Ruby not only were they maintained, but they have also been accentuated.

However, although many say that the twins are “clones” of their father, the reality is that they also bear similarities with their maternal grandfather, the late singer-songwriter Roberto Cantoral.

Photos that prove the similarity between twins of Itatí Cantoral with his maternal grandfather

Such similarities can be verified when comparing photos of the recognized father of Itatí Cantoral in the flower of youth with portraits of the firstborn of the actress currently.

Seeing snapshots of the 22-year-old twins and the songwriter of hits like The watch in his younger years it is more than evident that there are similarities in their factionssuch as nose and lips.

However, despite being nearly identical twins, the most similar to his grandfather is Eduardo. And it is that the actor inherited more features from Cantoral; while, Roberto is the one who most resembles Santamarina.

Roberto Cantoral was a successful Mexican composer
José Eduardo Hernández in a portrait taken in 2020
Roberto Miguel Hernández in a postcard taken in 2020

Also, according to the villainess of Maria, the one from the neighborhood, Eduardo also resembles his grandfather in his personality.. “He is my best friend, he is more given to verbalize things,” he told The sun rises

“He is more talkative because he is an actor, every morning he gives me the best advice if I have professional or sentimental problems, he’s like my dad”, assured the 48-year-old comedian.

Through his Instagram, Itatí has ​​shared several images of his father in his youth and his followers always highlight the similarities between the singer and his grandchildren.

“Your children look like their grandfather!”, “Your children are identical to their grandfather”, “Wow, your kids look a bit like him” and “Wow, Eduardo looks just like your dad.” are some comments about it.

Roberto Cantoral left this world and left an irreplaceable void in 2010
Roberto Miguel Hernández in a postcard taken in 2018
José Eduardo Hernández in a portrait taken in 2023

It must be highlighted that Jose Eduardo and Roberto Miguel not only do they bear a physical resemblance to their grandfather, they also drew on their love of music, though neither chose to follow in his footsteps.

I like to play music like a hobby and I also see acting as something very cool to do”, commented Roberto in a conversation with a reporter for the show Today in 2018.

Meanwhile, his brother highlighted: “I would see acting as something more professional, more than music, that I see it as more to follow my grandfather’s legacy. At least know how to play their songs”.

At the moment, Robert He is focused on his career as professional football playerwhile Eduardo getting ready to start shining on the acting world on their own merits.

José Eduardo and Roberto Miguel in a photograph taken in 2021

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Itatí Cantoral’s twins not only look like their father, but also their grandfather: photos prove it