“It would be an honor to run away with you”: President of Iron Chef responds to Belinda

In the last few weeks it became known about the participation of the singer pop on Iron Chef’s new reality show, now Belinda has aroused new controversy after they assure, he would have invited the president of the program out.

Initially, the news of the participation of the so-called “Latin Pop Princess“It gave rise to several comments, especially due to the reunion with one of his ex-partners, Christopher Uckermann, however, apparently, the “Mexican naturalized” would have a very particular interest.

It was in the last episode of the reality show that the television actress, Belinda surprised with a very flirtatious attitude and sent an invitation to the president of the contest.

Hey, if I invite you to go out, you don’t run away after 5 minutes because I’m very scandalous with the cymbals, the interpreter of “Sapito” questioned Salvador Lam Chang.

At the invitation of the “songwriter“The president did not resist and also agreed saying: ‘I don’t think so, it would be an honor to run away with you’, which touched and at the same time caused Belinda’s surprising reaction, who said: “Oh, how nice”.

A past video of the interpreter of “we’re not that crazy” which went viral on all platforms, the interpreter of “Africa” ​​in “Welcome to Edén” appears with her then-partner, Christian Nodal who are accompanied by friends of the Madrid-born, and then a tense moment occurs between “Los Nodeli “

Belinda and her friends chanted “Happy Birthday” to Christian Nodal (who did not really have a birthday) and who showed an air of annoyance on his face after the noise that the businesswoman towards the colliding of a plate and a spoon on the table.

It should be remembered that the “ex-fiancée of Christian Nodal” She has sparked controversy on several occasions regarding her past romantic relationships where she has been labeled “interested”, among other qualifiers, according to some of her ex-partners.

On February 12, after almost two years of relationship, Christian Nodal announced his break with the famous 33-year-old who later showed some captures in which it is read that the famous 33-year-old “asks for money for her potatoes and a treatment dental”.

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Since her last relationship, Belinda Peregrín Schüll, has chosen to remain single and has focused on her career, which is why until today she has been picking up the pace, launching new songs in the midst of her participation in the Netflix series, added to other projects.

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“It would be an honor to run away with you”: President of Iron Chef responds to Belinda