It was known: they opened the suitcase, Big Brother enabled the explosive and… the memes exploded!

Last night Big Brother made an announcement that made the house spicy: he enabled the withering nomination. That decision made things hot inside, among the participants, while outside the social networks exploded not only because of the comments, but also with the memes.

After so much expectation, Santiago del Moro revealed the contents of the mysterious suitcase that he took to the house. What did he have? Nothing less than a letter, in which the production enabled the explosive.

The driver began by saying that “this suitcase has something very important: it is for you and also for us.” But then he added: “From this moment on, the sudden nomination is enabled.” Of course, del Moro’s words surprised the participants .

On social networks, thousands of users reacted without filters and ironized about the possibility of an exchange with the participants of the new edition of Big Brother Brazil, which debuted this Monday, January 16. But it was not like that.

In addition, inside the house some of the boys began to speculate that Agustín from La Plata had already entered the confessional to execute him.

“How come the suitcase has the cap and not the exchange with GH Brasil?”, “Everyone going to the confessional to do the cap”, “If the cap is made by Alfa we have to listen to his monologue about why he hates Ariel”, “Marcos gave Camila and Tora a look when Santiago was talking about the striker, the cousin reveals himself”, “It was the striker and I wanted the exchange with the brazucas”, “Grab Romina who is already in the confessional doing the withering Agustín”, were some of the messages that users left on the networks.

What is the flashing? It is the nomination with which a participant can send players directly to the nominee board.

After the decision of the production of GH, these were some of the memes that go through social networks:

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It was known: they opened the suitcase, Big Brother enabled the explosive and… the memes exploded!