June 30, 2021

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It provokes outrage! A message from Marjorie de Sousa about the collapse of the building in Miami is ‘expensive’ and it is ‘destroyed’ (PHOTO)

1625012111 It provokes outrage A message from Marjorie de Sousa about
  • A few days ago the uncertainty began in Miami after the collapse of the 12 floors of a building, which left dozens of injured and missing
  • Personalities of the show have come out to speak on the subject, including Marjorie de Sousa
  • People do not believe Marjorie and accuse her of “insensitive”

Marjorie de Sousa asks for victims. Last weekend there was an extremely sad event, due to the 12-story collapse of a building known as Champlain Towers South, in the Miami Beach area, which so far left dozens of missing and injured, most of them Latino .

So several celebrities have come out to speak on the subject, showing their support to the community in different ways, whether it be by donating, offering their profile to upload more information about it or simply offering a word of support. That was what the Venezuelan actress Marjorie de Sousa did, who used Instagram to show her support … and it did not go so well.

Marjorie Begs for Victims: Marjorie’s Story

Photo: Instagram

It was through Instagram Stories that the soap opera actress decided to give her point of opinion, expressing how ‘sad’ the news that impacted thousands of people made her feel, offering her support to those affected and asking her community of followers to They will pray for the people who live this tragic event.

“Since the tragedy occurred in Miami, it is impossible to lie down and not ask for the people who are still trapped, let us continue to pray that those who have not yet appeared be found and come out well. #surfside “, reads the story shared by the actress. Filed Under: Marjorie de Sousa Pray for Victims

Marjorie asks for victims: De Sousa’s support

Marjorie Asks for Victims: The Support She Provided
Photo: Instagram

It was not the only story she published about the tragedy that occurred in Miami, the actress shared a series of images where some of the people who are missing appear and that different media have tried to viralize to make their search faster.

As an image of the news of the well-known ‘moles’ uploaded, a group of Mexican people who are experts in the search for fallen structures, showing solidarity with the people who are going through this event in a closer way, but the ‘good’ actions he made, once again generated negative comments. Filed Under: Marjorie Begs For Victims

Marjorie Begs For Victims: The ‘Drop the Soup’ Post

Marjorie Begs For Victims: The 'Drop the Soup' Post
Photo: Instagram

The account of ‘Suelta la sopa’ uploaded a post on its profile about the story that the actress had uploaded, giving accounts that she had been sensitized to the SurfSide tragedy, but instead of achieving a good image for the actress, the opposite happened Because hours before Julián Gil had commented on a post from the same account where people turned against the actress.

“#MarjorieDeSousa is sensitized by the tragedy on #SurfSide, #Florida, and asks for prayer”, was the caption that put the account of the show program, and within minutes it generated thousands of comments and 17,141 likes in a few minutes , but in the majority the bad reviews reigned. Filed Under: Marjorie Begs For Victims

Marjorie asks for victims: They judge her as insensitive

Marjorie asks for victims: Comments towards De Sousa
Photo: Instagram

In the same post it was where users began to send negative comments to the actress accusing her of ‘insensitive’ and that instead of showing solidarity with the people of the tragedy, she should let the actor Julián Gil see his son Matías instead of being hiding.

“You should be sensitized and let your son see his dad”, “But she brought down Julián to pray for him too ”,“ I keep praying that you let your son see his father ”,“ She talks about tragedies and doesn’t let Matias see his dad ”,“ What a hypocrisy the truth ” , “Woman clown”, “Impossible to believe someone who does not care about the harm they can do to their son, their pride is stronger than any other feeling”, were some of the most prominent comments of the publication. Filed Under: Marjorie Begs For Victims

Indirect for the program or for Julián?

Marjorie asks for victims: The hint
Photo: Instagram

An hour later, the actress published in her Instagram stories an image that attracted attention was one with the description that implied that she is only giving her attention to people who contribute something positive to her life and leave negative comments out of her lifetime.

“It is important in this life to learn to direct your energy, your enthusiasm, your time and your heart towards people and things that are truly worth it,” reads the image that the Venezuelan reposted, which for time would be considered to be directed to the ‘Drop the soup’ program. Filed Under: Marjorie Begs For Victims

Marjorie Begs for Victims: An Uncomfortable Situation

Marjorie asks for victims: The uncomfortable situation with Julián Gil
Photo: Instagram

But on the day the actress had already been involved in an uncomfortable situation because of the same program, since they uploaded a video where Marjorie’s only son, Matías, is seen moving a toy car. The account of ‘Suelta la sopa’, took the video and uploaded it to the profile, and without anyone expecting it, the actor Julián Gil commented.

“It breaks my soul to see these images and to know that we miss the best moments between a father and a son.
I’ll be here son waiting for our moment… ”was the opinion expressed by the actor, since he has not seen the little one for more than four years. Filed Under: Marjorie Begs For Victims

People do not like that he ‘alienates’ Julián de Matías

People don't like Marjorie
Photo: Instagram

Quickly the comments were not lacking, where Marjorie was put as a ‘bad and insensitive’ person with the father of her son, since since October last year he won custody of the minor and the actor was prohibited from visiting the child, but if he must contribute with maintenance.

“Children grow up and they will understand many things that now cannot be explained. Give time to pray and pray that this mother comes to her senses as soon as possible. “,” GOD’S TIME IS PERFECT. Wait, everything will be different soon. The child will grow up, never forget it. God bless you dear Julián, and bless your baby very much, because IT IS YOURS !!! That cannot be changed by ANYONE! “,” Have faith that injustices have their price and sadly very expensive, God is wonderful that when you least think about it your son will be by your side. “, Wrote the Internet users showing support for the actor.

Leave bad comments behind

Ignore comments and focus on the positive
Photo: Instagram

The actress has shown on several occasions that the opinions of others no longer interest her and has focused on enjoying the happiest aspects of her life in the company of her loved ones, be it a walk with her son or a positive message that she wishes express, the actress always finds a way to connect with her followers.

This is how he has shown it since his life is wrapped in the rumors that arise every time he performs an action, like every time he uploads a photograph with Matías and the others begin to question Julián’s absence and what triggered their separation.

A woman who is in controversy

The woman who has been in controversy
Photo: Instagram

One of the last controversies in which she was involved was when Julián Gil confessed to a program of the Canal de las estrellas (Mexican television) that the actress had a syndrome which is known as parental alienation, because that would be the reason why the one that does not let him see the son they have in common.

“I believe that people should also understand that the lady suffers from a disease that is parental alienation, there are millions of people who suffer from it. As long as they are not aware that it is a disease, Matías and I will continue to be separated ”, was what he declared weeks ago. TO SEE VIDEO CLICK HERE

The actress’s projects

The new projects of the actress
Photo: Instagram

But Marjorie de Sousa has managed to face each of the problems that she has had to face and is more than happy to share with the community of followers she has on social networks, the news about her newest projects in charge of the Mexican television station. ‘Televisa’.

He is currently about to appear in the new production of the channel, by producer José Alberto Castro, who is a well-known character in Mexico for his successful soap operas. Marjorie was in charge of announcing the news of her participation, uploading a photograph of the promotional image of the program, with the following caption: “Happy to be part of this story and share with such talented people, let’s go with everything” . Some images of this note come from the following video