It has almost a 10 on IMDb and recreates one of the biggest disasters in history. This 5-episode miniseries is a gem that you can watch on HBO Max

The bad of the miniseries that become television phenomena it’s that they hit very hard for a very limited period of time and then it seems that they fade into the background and are somewhat forgotten. Something that, of course, does not deserve the outstanding ‘Chernobyl’, available on HBO Max.

The voices of Chernobyl

In 1986, one of the most serious disasters in the history of mankind occurred: during a safety test at a Chernobyl plant (Ukraine), a nuclear reactor exploded and ejected a large amount of radioactivity. Thousands of people were contaminated by radiation and many of them ended up dying.

The series tells us all the circumstances surrounding this accident, from the hand of the professionals (scientists and politicians) who decided investigate and bring to light the true causes and consequences of a very serious incident that could have been avoided.

‘Chernobyl’ is a 2019 miniseries created by Craig Mazin for HBO. It has only 5 episodes that last approximately one hour and is based on the non-fiction book ‘Voices from Chernobyl’ by Svetlana Aleksiévich.

Before Mazin succeeded with ‘The Last of Us’, he surprised us with this series that brings us closer to dramatized one of the most terrible disasters in historyif not the most, and of which many of us were unaware of the real scope of the tragedy.

The series starts with the incident itself, making the viewer feel the same anguish as the people who had to go through it. Afterwards, he dedicates himself to breaking down the tangle of events that surrounded him, gradually revealing what unfortunately does not surprise anyone: that the real catastrophe was not an accidental mistake, but the result of a chain of negligence that could have been avoided.

The history pleads in a complex way in favor of the truthto name both the people who helped investigate the event and put their own lives in danger, as well as those people who tried to wash their hands of it and get rid of their responsibility.

'Chernobyl' is child's play compared to 'Hiroshima' (1983), a creepy anime about the nuclear disaster

In addition, since the first chapter was about an accident, one of the most obvious difficulties was making a dramatic progression from there, but the last episode manages to keep you in tension like no other, with that trial in which the wonderful trio shines once again. acting of protagonists that make up Jared Harris, Stellan Skarsgard and Emily Watson.

‘Chernobyl’ deserves to be something more than the television phenomenon of a couple of years ago: a powerful and shocking series that vindicates the truth and refuses to bury this catastrophe in oblivion. If we forget, how are we going to learn from mistakes?

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It has almost a 10 on IMDb and recreates one of the biggest disasters in history. This 5-episode miniseries is a gem that you can watch on HBO Max