It goes no further: the drastic measure that Suar took with El Hotel de los Famosos

The Hotel of the Famous not meeting expectations Adrian Suar As far as the rating is concerned. That is why, in the last hours, the schedule manager decided to take an unexpected turn that was narrated by Marina Calabró in miter radio.

“On Friday, The Hotel Debatethe program hosted by Adrian Pallares and Rodrigo Lussich and its panelists. Fourth program, fourth change. Come back on Friday at 22:45“, assured Marina Calabroconfirming that this shipment will no longer be seen on Saturdays on the screen of The thirteen. Given this statement, Jorge Lanata asked what would happen to the fifth weekly broadcast of The Hotel of the Famous. His panelist’s response generated surprise.

Strictly, Marina Calabro assured that the reality show will be broadcast one day less per week, so will lose ground on the grid. “Nothing, we lost a day. The most suggestive data is that the cycle loses a weekly broadcast,” said the entertainment journalist. Thus, Adrián Suar continues to modify the programming of The thirteen in search of raising the rating numbers.

Jorge Lanata destroyed The Hotel of the Famous

After Marina Calabró’s strong criticism of the reality show, the driver acknowledged that he saw one of the broadcasts and tore apart The Hotel of the Famous. “You fell short…”, he initially told his panelist. And then she argued that reality said “It’s a hellish brawl, the place looks like a tavern dumped in the middle of the field, the furniture is crap, the tables, the chairs…”. Without mercy, he said to the air that “they want to make it look like a fancy hotel and it sucks. The games are horrible”.

“That’s enough of seeing the guys lying in bed at night, in the style Big Brother, and the camera goes black and white. There is already that picture… I already saw him 25 years ago, he is old!”She complained. “Is that from the same producer as MasterChef? Nah, well… Stop screwing around and put the twine! Yes for MasterChef they paid 100, here they paid 4″he added.

To close the topic, very annoying, Cream assured: “I fucked with the famous thing, but seriously… I don’t know anyone, anyone”. “The worst thing is that I dedicate myself to this and I had to google… I can’t lie to them”Calabró concluded between laughs.

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It goes no further: the drastic measure that Suar took with El Hotel de los Famosos