Issabela Camil says that, before Sergio Mayer, Alec Baldwin courted her

Isabella Camilwife Sergio Mayerremembers that, before marrying the participant of “The house of famous Mexico”, he lived other important relationships in his life, however, none of them inspired him the desire to start a family and have children automatically, because he remembers that On the first date with the actor, he was seen by his side, but what no one noticed is that, within his list of suitors, there is nothing more and nothing less than the Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin.

Despite the fact that at present, the marriage of Issabela and Sergio is one of the strongest in the world of television, after more than 17 years together, the couple had a love history that precedes the relationship and family they built next to each other. of his two daughters; Anthony and Victoria. While the actor was in a relationship with other great artists such as Bárbara Mori and Fabiola Campomanes, his current wife also entered into serious courtships that, although they meant a lot to her, did not end up materializing, according to an interview with Mara Patricia Castañeda.

“I have had few boyfriends, I am not very in love, I am not one of those women who need a man by their side, I have known how to be alone at many times in my life, I did have other important relationships before Sergio, others not so much”, said.

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And although Issabela stressed that she was not a woman who went out with many men, she was a young woman full of suitors and of international stature because, despite the fact that she said that she did not like to brag or give details about the events of her private life, she did not he lost sight of naming some of those personalities who fought for his love, such as the American actor Alec Baldwin and the famous trumpeter Quincy Jones.

“I can say that I was wanted by someone like Baldwin, a Quincy Jones, a… I mean, a lot of names that came into my life at some point, very, very few people know this, I don’t really talk about this because I’m very private,” she declared. .

And although these figures became interested in her, it wasn’t until Mayer was in front of her that she realized that he was the man with whom she wanted to spend the rest of her life and build a future, although that desire did not come out of nowhere, Rather, it took the actor a while for Issabela to agree to give him a chance in love, not because she didn’t think he was an attractive man, but because she had the impression that he was very conceited, so she was never interested in getting to know him more. , despite the fact that his mother introduced him to him and, in doing so, indicated that she thought the two of them could get along very well.

That comment seemed, to a certain extent, out of place to Issabela, since she considered him a “very mam*n” subject, however, when Camil gave himself the opportunity to meet Sergio, when they went out to dinner, he realized that the actor produced feelings in her that no one had ever aroused in her, so, at that moment, she knew that he was the one because, so far, they have been together for almost 18 years.

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Issabela Camil says that, before Sergio Mayer, Alec Baldwin courted her