“Israel Rojas has been with Cristina Escobar for a while. And he lined the house for Dianelis Hernández”

A worker from the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television assures that Israel “Bad Faith” Rojas is with Cristina Escobar.

The revelation it was announced just a few hours ago by Alexander Otaola.

the presenter said that he could even manage – get – an audio where the Guantanamo troubadour is heard – the one who forgot the ditch that passes through the patio of his house, and that not a post of “Fuerza” dedicated to the Guantanamo people after the passage of Hurricane Matthew , for Cuba, in September 2016 – raving about the inwardness of Cristina Escobar in bed.

According to this ICAIC worker, the relationship between Israel “Bad Faith” Rojas and Escobar is “old and combs gray hair.”

“So old, that it is probable that they are no longer there; because they have been here for a while. Although she is not the only one, ”she pointed out.

According to this source, who has been in the building that houses the Cuban Television studios for two decades, Israel Rojas is a “sweet pichi.”

“He has been with several women. It is a jar-gluing machine.”

“And look, I don’t like to talk about these things, but he and she are just the same,” he said, referring to Israel Rojas’ wife.

“When they met, she loved the “celebrities”. She had been a couple of several artists. And she had been with several. Imagine, they gave him the nickname “Pallet Tilapia”. And he is another tilapia.

And as he later recounted, a pasmarito.

“Imagine, that he lined the house for Dianelis Hernández. The presenter of the program “El Potaje”, a collaboration between the Hermanos Saíz Association and Cuban Television.

“She has an apartment in Vedado, which I don’t know if she owned it or rented it, or if she already owned it and bought it, but at that time she lived in it. And Israel Rojas bought all the electrical appliances that were in that house. They do not believe me? Ask her.

“She was bragging here. She wanted us to believe that she had Israel eating out of her hand, which was not true. Her toxicity was so great that Israel Rojas left her.

Here you can get to know Dianelis Hernández better.

And yes, it is possible that what Otaola says is true. Such a guy who has no respect for any woman, he is capable of telling friends intimate details of their relationships. I do not doubt it, and I urge Otaola to get that audio, so that all those deluded people who believe in the nobility of “Bad Faith” Rojas will be disappointed in him.

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“Israel Rojas has been with Cristina Escobar for a while. And he lined the house for Dianelis Hernández”