Is ‘La Vecindad del Chavo del 8’ back? No, it’s ‘Wake up America on Sunday’!

‘Despierta América en Domingo’ recreates ‘The neighborhood of Chavo del 8’.

Photo: Despierta América / Univision

Is ‘La Vecindad del Chavo del 8’ back? Is not ‘Wake up America on Sunday’!… Is that to dawn on ‘Halloween Day’ the presenters of the show that returned the rating to the mornings of Hispanic television, they became the neighborhood dwellers who ‘won’t be worth half a penny, but she’s really cute.’

María Antonieta Collins as La Chilindrina, Jackie Guerrido as Doña Florinda, Carolina Rosario as Popis and Raúl González as the mere Chavo del 8, marked the awakening of Halloween, recreating one of the most watched programs, from its creation to the present, in the entire world.

Super well characterized, MAC ran with a slight advantage, the advice of Chilindrina herself, or rather, her namesake, María Antonieta de las Nieves, who is also her great friend. What were the tips you gave him? That he would not forget to put himself in a bag bent over his back, as all children often do by mistake, and that he would sit with his feet crooked, as if with sorrow.

Jackie, she put on her forehead all the wrinkles that her normal life avoids having with special treatments and creams that make her one of the two sexiest grannies on television (the other is Giselle Blondet). The thing is Doña Florinda between the rolos, her eternal bad mood, and the scolding of Quico, El Chavo and Popis, her forehead is like an accordion.

See to Raúl González as Chavo del 8, it was like returning to the world to Chespirito, and without needing the new ‘Metaverse’ that Mark Zuckerberg created for Facebook. Not only was he super well characterized, but he used one of his gifts: imitation through voice.

AND The Popis of a Carolina that we did not know in this facet of humor, ended up giving joy to the ‘Happiest House on Hispanic television’, also on Sunday.

How did they get to these characters? They tell it themselves:


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Is ‘La Vecindad del Chavo del 8’ back? No, it’s ‘Wake up America on Sunday’!