Irina won’t like to know! Does a famous actor try the charms of “La Chule”?

Aracely Arámbula, appears in a snapshot next to Gabriel Soto in which the actor appears touching an intimate zone a “La Chule“.

The hands of Gabriel Soto appear traveling one of the areas of the “originally from Chihuahua“, in one of the photographs that circulate on the Instagram platform.

Aracely Arambula figure standing on a raised base while the “small screen hunk“She places her hands at the level of her hips, bringing them to the rear of the histrionic.


The scene corresponds to one of the moments during the staging “Why do men love cab ***?”, In which Aracely Arambula has been contemplated on a new US tour, she reported several weeks ago.

#TBT #Sweet #BecauseLosMenLoveCab *** #JuevesDeCab *** @ gabrielsotobfk
@aracelyarambula @gabrielsoto, it reads in the publication that according to records, would be shared for several weeks.

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The “ex of Luis Miguel“is captured in a snapshot in which he appears with the actor from” Bachelor with daughters “while both collaborate in the famous staging.

The photograph, which circulated from a fan page of the “TV actress“, remembered by novels like” Soñadoras “,” Acapulco, Body and Soul “,” Hug me very strong “among others, added 63 likes.

The “theatre actress“, 46, who will also appear in the play”Perfume de Gardenias“He appears on stage in an outfit in pink and denim next to the” Mexican actor “who appears in a T-shirt that reveals his muscular arms.

Just last 2020, Aracely Arámbula Jaques starred in this project with David Zepeda and Anastasia Acosta, who made various presentations on a tour of the Mexican Republic.

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It is worth mentioning that several weeks ago, the interpreter of “Bad news“He announced on his social networks details of the next tour that he would carry out for this project, a reason that prevented him from returning to the world of television.

Arámbula Jaques, shared the series of reasons to his great virtual community, “ArAFamilia”, which is increasing more and more, adding up to now, 5.7 million followers, of whom he points out, have requested to enjoy his performances on television again.

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Even the legendary and renowned artist and mother of Miguel and Daniel Gallego Arámbula, shared that she received an invitation from the producer, Nicandro Díaz for a new story, however, due to her work commitments, it would have been impossible for her to accept it.

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