‘Interview with the Vampire’: differences between the 90s movie and the new AMC+ series

    Each Anne Rice adaptation is unique, but comparisons are inevitable: ‘Interview with the Vampire’ is one of the best movies of the 90s and the new ‘Interview with the Vampire’, a series released on AMC+ in Spain this Thursday, January 12, inevitably wants to continue his vampire legacy. Will it become one of the best series of 2023?

    The reviews are good, but we can only wait and wonder: What differences are there between the 90s movie and the new TV series? How will this story be narrated in the different chapters? Will we go deeper into the adventures vampiric in New Orleans? Will Tom Cruise appear again? (The ending of the original movie proved to us that he is a nearly impossible nut to crack…).

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    This entertaining tape that is counted between best brad pitt movies and also between Tom Cruise’s best movies, focuses on the memoirs of Louis de Pointe (Pitt), a handsome young man from the southern United States who, after losing his wife and daughteris plunged into the deepest sadness and despair. At this time, appears in his life Lestat de Lioncourt (Cruise), a long-lived vampire who will choose you as a partner and transform you into a “I dont live“. The story is being narrated by Louis himself, who recounts his past to a young journalist whom he has chosen as his next prey.

    Throughout the film, in the same way as in the novel, we go through the misadventures of this duo of characters (later accompanied by a very young Kristen Dunst). But, what will we see in the series? Who will be in front of the cast?

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    Next, the differences between the film and the series of ‘Interview with the Vampire’:

    Who gives life to the characters in each version?

    The cast is the fundamental difference between these two versions. As is evident, the actors who embodied the protagonists of the film cannot resume their roles (the strict laws anti age of vampires would not allow the natural wrinkles of their faces). So, who are our new Lestat, Louis, Claudia and company?

    • Louis de Pointe: Originally performed by Brad Pittwill fall into the hands of Jacob Andersonwhom we met in ‘Game of Thrones‘ for giving life to ‘Grey Worm’, the faithful follower of Daenerys Targaryen.
      interview with the vampire louis

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      • Lestat de Lioncourt: Tom Cruise he got into his skin in the 90s and now he passes the baton to sam reid. The British-Australian actor has played Tolbert McCoy in the miniseries, ‘Hatfields & McCoys’.
        interview with the vampire lestat

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        • Claudia: In the 90s, we saw this character with the face of a Kristen Dunst childish (it was not yet known everything that fate would have prepared for this young promise). In this case, the interpreter at the hands of the character is Bailey Basswhom we have recently seen in ‘avatar 2‘.
          interview with the vampire claudia

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          • Daniel Molloy: The San Francisco journalist, to whom Louis tells his life story, was played by christian slater originally. Now she will give life Eric BogosianAmerican actor, stand-up comedian, and playwright.
            interview with the vampire daniel molloy

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            When does the story take place? Are there any changes to the timeline?

            Yes. The plot has been placed in another historical moment for the television series. In the original tape, we saw the transformation of Louis in 1791. At this time, Louis is introduced as the slave owner of a plantation. Nevertheless, in the new adaptation of the novel, the moment in which Louis is turned into a vampire occurs in 1910. This drastically reduces the amount of time Louis and Lestat spend together, or at least compresses it.

            At the same time, the narration of the story is also modified. In the original, we saw the interview in 1994. In this new case, the character of Daniel Molloy (journalist) is located in two different moments in time. One in the present, in 2022, in the post-COVID-19 era; and another in a first meeting with Louis, during Molloy’s youth (at this time, he will also show his interest in becoming a vampire, as we see at the end of the film).

            This division of the narrator has been designed to deepen Daniel’s change of point of view.. From his first interest in transformation, to his more mature vision of the story and what being a vampire entails.

            interview with the vampire amc louis and lestat


            What happens to Claudia in the series?

            One of the main changes that occurs between the film and the series (also with respect to the novel) has to do with the age of Claudia’s character.. The girl, transformed into a vampire after Louis attacks her, is one of the fundamental pillars of the story. Lestat decides to transform her to serve as a partner for Louis. Soon, the young woman will develop an unlimited killing instinct and bloodlust. Her youthful and innocent appearance will be the perfect bait to attract and play with her prey.

            Kirsten Dunst in 'Interview with the Vampire'

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            Kristen Dunst gave life to the film version of Claudia. In the movie, the character was 10 years old. (heslightly superior to the novel, where the character is only 5). The conflict comes when her mind begins to mature over time, but her body remains frozen in the appearance of an infant. In the television version of the story, Claudia is 14 years old. In this way, a physical aspect that approaches the age of majority is promoted, without ever reaching it completely. Claudia’s conflict continues and the unattainable and forbidden love that she feels towards Louis, one of her creators, is reinforced.

            interview with the vampire amc claudia


            Homosexual love: explicit or implicit?

            In the original tape you can see, in a non-explicit way, an almost romantic relationship between the two main characters. The physical attraction of Louis, of a homosexual nature, can also be appreciated (almost to the touch) in one of the final passages, in his farewell to the character played by Antonio Banderas, Armand. Throughout the film, he continually resorts to the use of the word “partner”, which has an extremely important value at the subtext level. The bond that a vampire establishes with his mate seems never to be broken. In fact, Lestat never quite dies and always ends up reuniting with Louis., wherever you are. (That shocking ending, with Lestat climbing into Daniel’s speeding convertible, is the icing on the cake for the film.)

            On this occasion, Due to the 28 years that separate both releases, the treatment of homosexual relationships will be completely different. Although Louis is struggling to come to terms with his sexuality (let’s not forget that the story is still taking place in 1910), the relationships between men will be much more explicit, assuming the sexual diversity of the characters in the story, and including it in the direct narrative.

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            After its premiere in the United States, the series finally arrives in Spain. Despite the fact that its predecessor set the bar high, let’s hope that the new (more contemporary) vision brings back this original tale and brings vampire stories back to life. Today, January 12, the coffin is opened and Louis, Lestat and Claudia will once again walk the streets.

            ‘Interview with the Vampire’ premieres on AMC+ this January 12.

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‘Interview with the Vampire’: differences between the 90s movie and the new AMC+ series