“Innocents”: what is the schedule this week and what will happen on Antena 3

What hours does “” this week? “Masumlar Apartmani” is one of the Turkish soap operas that, at present, have earned a place within the preferences of the public, as have “Woman” (“Kadin”) and “My daughter” (“Kizim”) . The story of Inci (Farah Zeynep Abdullah) and (Birkan Sokullu) premieres new episodes every week at a particular time on the television grid.

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The had its first episode, on its original broadcast, on September 15, 2020 and became an immediate hit on Turkey. This was because the plot, in addition to having the typical elements of the series, has a more overwhelming dimension for dealing with the cases of .

Turkish fiction focuses on the love they have Inci and Han, who must not only overcome various obstacles in any relationship, but also reconcile their families, especially Han’s, whose sisters suffer from OCD and fear that he will abandon them for their partner.

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The soap opera is also based on the book “The Inside of the Medallion”(2004), written by Gulseren Budaicioglu, a psychiatrist famous for taking the stories of his patients into fiction. In this way, “Innocents Apartment”Is inspired by the section“Trash Apartment”Of the aforementioned novel.

Farah Zeynep Abdullah was born in Istanbul on August 17, 1989. She is Inci in “Inocentes”, the trick soap opera that is a hit in Spain (Photo: Farah Zeynep Abdullah / Instagram)


The Turkish soap opera “Inocentes” is broadcast in Spain through the signal of the television channel Antena 3. According to its updated programming, on its television schedule, the drama premieres new episodes every Monday and Tuesday.

In this way, during this week, “Masumlar Apartmani” will premiere new episodes on Monday 13 and Tuesday 14 September in the 22:45 hours through the aforementioned means of communication.

In addition, fans of the story of Han and Inci will be able to see the new chapters. online and live on the platform streaming Atresplayer Premium. In this space are all the episodes that have been released to date.


The Ottoman fiction “Inocentes”, in its recent episodes on Antena 3, has shown how Gülben will fight for Esra’s love, despite the young man’s refusal. She called the program that he shares with Inci on the radio to declare her love.

Although he did not say his name, the voice of his statements throughout Istanbul left no doubt that it was Gülben. Now, he will go to the house of Esra, who does not know how to undo the misunderstanding and asks Han for help.

“Leave us alone Han, if you have faced the family for love, I too will do it tooth and nail”, says Gülben to the protagonist. In the next chapter also will see more about Safiye’s past, who says he had an affair that ended in tragedy.

In addition, viewers will know in the next chapters about the decision that Inci will make being invited by Han to a family dinner without Safiye’s company. In this way, the protagonist wants his beloved to meet his father and his two sisters. What will Inci decide?

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The Turkish soap opera
The Turkish soap opera “Innocents” or “Wounded Souls” tells the love story between Han and Inci. (Photo: OG Medya)

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