June 11, 2021

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Infographics: this is the pay TV market in Latin America and the Caribbean

Infographics this is the pay TV market in Latin America

In recent years significantly increased the impact of streaming services worldwide. In much of the world, audiences have already adopted them as a new habit of life. East disruptive change it is seen as a new form of both television and cinema.

BB-Media is a consulting and market research company, operating since 1987, with offices in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and the United States. As it does every year, it recently published the update of the map of Latin America and the Caribbean on the pay TV market and OTTs in 2021.

The report indicates the number of households that access the Pay TV service, who are subscribers and how many subscribers are declared by the Pay TV providers. In addition, it provides data on the penetration of the service, and the “Market Share” of Pay TV Providers and online content.


In the case of Latin America at a global level, in the last year there were 85.35 million households with access to Pay TV, with a penetration of 46%. Households subscribed to this service, meanwhile, were 73.62 million, with a penetration of 40% in the region.

As a result of the incessant advance of streaming services, These data reflect a decrease in the impact of Pay TV in Latin America and the Caribbean, since in 2020, according to the same BB-Media report of that year, the total number of households with access to Pay TV was 91.84 million, and that of subscribed users amounted to 79.59 million.

The difference between households with access and subscribers is that the former are all those who have access to the service, either legally or through piracy. The latter, on the other hand, are legally subscribed.

And almost 66 million households are located in the category of “Declared with Pay TV”.

For its part, in relation to online content, The consulting company identified 235 platforms and 893 “live streaming”, and the number of movies and series increased to 475,000 and 84,000, respectively.

When analyzing the global market, the study indicates that 41% of households in the region hire what is known as the “Fresh Market”, and 24% Pay TV and OTTs. The latter are services that consist of the transmission of audio, video and other content over the Internet without the involvement of traditional operators, both in the control and in the distribution of the content.

19% of households hire only OTTs, and 17% only Pay TV.

Then the cases of Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia, four of the largest telecommunications countries in Latin America.



The South American giant recorded in the last report 20.72 million households with access to Pay TV, with a penetration of 29%, and 16.61 million subscribers to that service, reaching a penetration of 23%. Those declared, meanwhile, were 15.41 million.

In relation to online content, There were 88 digital platforms, 324 live streaming, 130,000 movies and 20,000 series.


Mexico is another telecommunications giant, perhaps the largest in the region. In this latest BB-Media study, the country’s balance was 23.15 million households with access to Pay TV (68% penetration), and 21.58 million subscribed (63% penetration).

The number of households declared with Pay TV, for its part, was 20.06 million (59%).

Digital platforms in Mexico totaled 95, while “Live Streaming” stood at 390. Likewise, the number of movies and series is 106,000 and 14,000, respectively.


Unlike the previous three countries, in Argentina 42% of households contract Pay TV and OTTs.

According to the report, the penetration of households with access to Pay TV is 77%, with a total of 11.52 million. Subscribers stand at 9.72 million, with a penetration of 65%.

Those declared, meanwhile, are 8.61 million in the South American country.

Regarding online content, 98 platforms, 538 live streaming, 84,000 films and 15,000 series were reported.


The country has a penetration of 56%, with 8.40 million households with access to Pay TV. The subscribed are 7.31 million (48%) and the declared 6.41 million (42%).

Online platforms were 86, live streaming services 355, while movies and series were located at 65,000 and 12,000, respectively.

The largest subscription TV providers in the four countries are Claro TV (Brazil), SKY (Mexico), Cablevisión (Argentina), and América Móvil (Colombia). In other nations, such as Ecuador, it leads DIRECTV.

A common denominator is the impact of Netflix on the streaming services industry, with a platform market share of over 20% in each country. Amazon Prime and HBO Go also have a strong presence in most of the region.

The countries with the highest subscription TV penetration on the continent are: Costa Rica (69%), Argentina (65%), Mexico (63%), Uruguay (60%), Chile (59%), Panama (52%) and Colombia (48%).