‘Infiel’, the new Turkish series of Antena 3 already has a premiere date

Ottoman fictions have surprisingly high audience numbers in Spain. Antena 3 knows it and precisely because of this, it will bet ‘Infiel’, a serial about the adventures of love, disappointment, lies and revenge that star two characters called Asya Yilmaz and Volkan.

Image of ‘Infiel’, the new series that will be broadcast by Antena 3

The date of issuance of the first chapter chosen by Antenna 3 It is the night of Sunday, September 5, at 10 p.m. The programming is expressly designed so that the serial arrives to complement the final chapters of ‘My Daughter’ that will be released just after.


In the minutes of the promotional clip of the series ‘Infiel’, the protagonist wonders “Is there another woman in your life?”. In a first encounter with fiction, we see a tearful and contrite Asya who can’t stop wondering if her husband is living a parallel life.

Known actors

Many of the Turkish series broadcast by Antena 3 have similar plots in terms of subject matter, and in this case, also with some of the actors in the cast.

The actor Caner Cindoruk, part of the cast of 'Infidel'

The actor Caner Cindoruk, part of the cast of ‘Infidel’

The unfaithful husband is played by Caner Cindoruk, known for being part of the cast of ‘Woman (Kadin)’. Also familiar is Bennu Yıldırımlar, who stepped into Hatice’s shoes. Now he is also part of the cast of actors and actresses of the new Antena 3 bet.

A controversial series

The series has a somewhat controversial track record in Turkey. It was sanctioned several times for the contents of some of its plots. However, it should be noted that the fiction is not an original product of Turkey, but is an adaptation of the British series ‘Doctor Foster’.

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