In The Ambassador’s Daughter, Nare said goodbye forever to Sancar and Melek in the season finale.

One more stage of The Ambassador’s Daughter It has been closed. The second season of the Turkish novel culminated with a chapter that revealed the unknown about Nare’s whereabouts. Unfortunately for Sancar, Gediz and Angel, her destiny began to be written on another page. We present you the account of what happened in the outcome of the exciting story.

Neslihan Atagul, Engin Akyurek, Uraz Kaygilaroglu and a great cast, starred in a story that episode after episode left scenes loaded with drama, suspense and intrigue. The closing of this cycle was no exception, as minute by minute the revelations took over the plot.

Anguish over Nare’s whereabouts

Although the news of marriage between Nare and Gediz it shattered Sancar’s heart, that did not stop him from being anguished by the mysterious disappearance of his beloved. Haste contacted the airport authorities to help him locate her. Soon the news would destroy their hopes.

The police officers informed her that she took a plane to Istanbul (Turkey), and that there were no signs of kidnapping, as she was traveling alone. The hotelier was able to see the situation with his own eyes: a video showed her walking in complete solitude.

Gediz learned that Nare filed for divorce before leaving

Feeling abandoned, the words were absent from whoever was a peasant. Later he would obtain other evidence of the direction that ‘El Ave Bicolor’ had taken.

The hotelier wasn’t the only one injured by Nare’s escape. Little Melek was also undone. Although everyone assured her that her mother would return soon, she knew that the truth was different.

In the midst of a sea of ​​tears she began to reproach her mother for having left her, and that neither she nor her father nor anyone loved her. Fortunately, Elvan appeared to comfort him, but it was all useless. Melek left assuring that from now on she would only be the daughter of Sancar.

Resigned to the departure of The Ambassador’s Daughter, Sancar located the car in which she arrived at the airport. Inside he found some letters intended for him, Melek, and Gediz. Disillusioned, he returned home, but not before calling his ex-friend to tell him that he had something to deliver.

Accompanied by Elvan, Gediz saw with optimism that Nare’s car was slowly approaching. His smile faded when he saw that Sancar was the only one coming out, who immediately placed an envelope with his name on it in his hands.

The Ambassador’s Daughter – Nare and Gediz got married to get Sancar out of jail – Scene of the day

When he opened it, he found only a few short lines: “See you, Gediz.” And also a leaf that represented the divorce proceedings that Nare initiated moments after getting married. Thus, his eyes were moistened without uttering a word.

For his part, Melek didn’t even open the letter. Once Sancar gave it to him, he broke it and threw himself into his father’s arms to cry without pause.

Nare’s goodbye and a new beginning

‘El Ave Bicolor’ did not leave without saying goodbye to the great love of his life. He did not do it face to face, but with a heartbreaking message. The letter addressed to him would mark a final decision. In her message she explained to Sancar that she couldn’t love anyone, that she tried to be a good mother: “Melek will be better off without me, just as I was better off without my mother, and you are better than my father.”

“Here my story will end, there will be no legend or fairy tale. There are no secrets or pain,” he continued with his reasons for leaving. The sheet showed these last words: “I am at peace. Tease me, but not with life, Sancar. Goodbye.”

Back at home and accompanied by his entire family, he promised his daughter Melek that from now on everything that happens would be the best part of their lives.

This goodbye marks the end of the season of La Hija del Embajador. What will fate hold for your characters?