“In intensive care”: impact on Radio Miter for what was communicated in Jorge Lanata’s program SHOW El Intransigente

With much concern and shock. This is how the hospitalization of Mirtha Legrand, one of the greatest divas of Argentine television. It was in «Lanata Without Filter», the cycle that leads Jorge Lanata on Radio Miter, where Marina Calabró He spoke about the photo that was leaked of the driver in the coronary unit of the hospital where she was operated on, generating a strong memory on the part of the journalist.

“We are pleased with the recovery of Mirtha Legrand. There was a leak of a photo on his bed in the sanitarium. They tell me that it is not a direct photo of her, but that it is taken from a monitoring screen », the entertainment columnist began by pointing out. “They had arrested two guys …”, said the driver. “Of course, on Friday Pía Shaw said that there were two people who had posed as doctors, health personnel and who had wanted to take a picture of her,” said her partner.

«I understand that from the inner circle, more precisely Marcela Tinayre, denied it. On the other hand, maybe they did not find out because they are not 24 around 24, I would not deny it so quickly, also I do not deny a colleague. But hey, it is true that it happens. A famous boarding school unfortunately arouses this morbid interest in seeing it, “he said. Marina Calabró more sincere than ever.

«I saw the photo because it was published, but the truth is that it is splendid, who could be lying like that on a bed in a coronary unit. It does not mean that publishing it is one thing … », he launched. It was there, when Jorge Lanata recalled what happened in our country years ago, generating a strong impact. Well, there was a witness case with Balbín. At the time the magazine Gente had published Balbín in intensive care and finally his family, as it had to be, won the trial », he launched.

«It seems to me that it is a controversy that can be extended to the situation of Viviana Canosa, there was journalistic information about the situation of her mother, her father … Let’s say, if they are not public people, expose a situation that is intimate and personal … it seems that one can choose how far to count. Likewise, for me, Viviana’s situation was mishandled in terms of communication, “declared Marina.

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