In addition to Stranger Things; 3 series that premiere on NETFLIX and are going to give a lot to talk about

A new month begins, already the fifth of this 2022 that does not let up and with it a new batch of series and movies that the still giant of the streaming, Netflix, brings so that its subscribers can enjoy during May. This time, without a doubt, among the most anticipated is the premiere of the fourth season -volume 1- of Stranger Things, but it is not all.

The platform based in Los Gatos, California has released the ENTIRE list of premieres during the 31 days of May in Mexico and highlight three productions that paint to have a good reception among users.

3 Netflix series premiering in May

welcome to eden

Here just by the name of Belinda it is already glimpsed that we Mexicans will go running to see her, her premiere is going to take place on May 6th and according to what has been presented, the story revolves around a group of young people who go to party on one of those distant islands and to which one would say, what the hell am I doing there?, but well they go and yes, strange things start to happen.

The production is Spanish and here is the trailer

Who killed Sarah?

We are in season three of the series written by the Chilean “Chascas”, the production is Mexican and continues with the mystery of Sara’s death and how her brother who spent 18 years in prison seeks revenge against the Lazcano family, however, Before that, he must understand what things were going through his sister’s dark mind.

This is the trailer for the new season that arrives at the service on May 18.


It is a Swedish production and it has everything to enchant the Mexican public, it is a miniseries, there are only six episodes, but what episodes! The critics hold it in very high esteem, we’ll see… It is the autobiography of no less that of Clark Olofsson a Swedish criminal who began his criminal career in 1960 and to this day is one of the most controversial crime personalities in contemporary Swedish history.

It is to him that we owe the origin of the so-called “Stockholm syndrome” thanks to a failed bank robbery in Stockholm in the 1970s.

It will be released this May 5 and the trailer goes.


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In addition to Stranger Things; 3 series that premiere on NETFLIX and are going to give a lot to talk about