Impressive change of Francisca from Despierta América for her wedding: diet, exercise and 50 pounds less

Francesca Lachapel.

Photo: Wake up America / Univision

impressive change of Francisca Mendez-Zampogna, presenter of ‘Awake America’ for their wedding, which will be this Friday May 6 in La Romana, Dominican Republic, based on the diet of Yes You Can! training and aesthetic treatments lost 50 pounds.

The Dominican darling had gained 80 pounds during Gennaro’s pregnancy, and had become very overweight. In fact, at the beginning of this process that takes 9 months, a photo was taken showing how she was, sharing her moment between the happiness of having fulfilled the dream of being a mother and the sadness of not knowing if she was going to be able to reach her ideal weightl according to what she felt.

It was at that moment that Francisca confessed that she decided it was time to look, if not her previous version, at least the closest to the one she wanted to be. He called his two great allies and friend.

The most important pillar Alejandro Chabán, founder and CEO of Yes You Can!… Why him? Because it was precisely thanks to him and his famous traffic light plan based on Latinos, that he managed to reach his ideal weight when he was inside the mansion of ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’ and he dreamed of winning and becoming what he is today. At that time she got it, why not now?

Francisca had as an ally Yes You Can! when she competed in 'Nuestra Belleza Latina'
Francisca Lachapel had as an ally Yes You Can! when she competed in ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’. Photo: Francisca Méndez-Zampogna

Before I started working on television, I used to watch Alejandro’s health segments on Univision. When I competed in ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’ I lost weight, and I got in shape with the Yes You Can! Nutrition Guide. and your Traffic Light Diet. I love the taste of the shakes, they don’t have added sugar but they are gluten free. The supplements are natural and made from herbs and fruits. Right now I am in love with protein bars, they are like a healthy dessert”, explains Francisca herself.

And precisely what at that time helped her to be the winner of ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’, Now he accompanies her in this new goal to fulfill another great dream: her wedding.

It was so first with a detox and then with the treatment as she herself said based on a transformation kit.

This is how the process began to lose 50 pounds after the birth of Gennaro
This is how the process to lose 50 pounds after Gennaro’s birth began and this is how it is today. Photo: Francisca Méndez-Zampogna

Yes You Can! was started by Chaban, who as he himself has told, at 15 years old weighed 314 pounds. From obesity, he progressed to bulimia, and then to anorexia. After years of hard work, dedication, and extensive research into different weight loss methods, he was able to adopt better habits and achieve a healthier lifestyle that helped him lose 160 lbs.yes He turned her pain into strength, became a registered nutritionist, and developed the Latin-flavored healthy lifestyle program Yes You Can! to help others like him.

The other pillar to lose these 50 pounds was the physical training that accompanied the nutritional plan. That was in charge of the celebrity trainer, whom we saw participate in ‘ Así Se Baila ‘, yas rodriguez.

Thank you for being with me from day one, for motivating me, for coming to train with me late at night, for your control and for your faith in me.“, she says for this important part of having someone who motivated her in part of this process.

With the nutrition plan, the exercise, Francisca added something else to this process: aesthetic treatments without reaching any surgery, but to drain, reduce fat and tighten. That is how he put himself in the hands of Dermaclinic Miami, where they treated him with their state-of-the-art Vennus Legacy machines and carboxy therapy..

The truth is, although she insists that she is still a long way from the weight she wants, with 50 pounds less Francisca is ready to fulfill the dream of her fairy tale wedding together with the love of her life, her husband and father of her son Gennaro, Francesco Zampogna.



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Impressive change of Francisca from Despierta América for her wedding: diet, exercise and 50 pounds less