I’m Famous, Get Me Out of Here: Participant FLIRTS strongly with Guty Carrera (VIDEO)

During the last broadcast of “I’m famous, get me out of here”the drivers prepared a fun dynamic so that the celebrities could face some of their greatest fears in a very peculiar way, since the dynamic consisted of answering uncomfortable questions or eating some unknown exotic dish.

While most of the participants chose to answer the questions, there were those who were forced to eat dishes like cockroaches in order not to reveal their deepest secrets.

However, in the dynamic, a question revealed that one of the male participants would be willing to go on a romantic date with Guty Carrera, which shocked the model and influencer since he was not expected to be chosen by the participant.

Who of the members of “I’m famous, get me out of here” flirted with Guty Carrera?

As revealed by a video on the official YouTube channel of “I’m famous, get me out of here” at minute 29:00, Hector Terrones was chosen to answer the question “Which famous male would you agree to have a romantic date with?”, to which he unthinkingly revealed that it would be with Guty.

Guty, who was extremely flattered to be chosen from all the contestants, thanked Hector for choosing him, which made the contestant blush.

However, this week Hector Terrones Unfortunately, he became the first celebrity eliminated from the reality showto which the followers of the show commented that now they would have to wait for the elimination of Guty Carrera to complete their romantic date off camera.

Week after week, the participants will have to face increasingly extreme and elevated challenges, with which all the celebrities will have to show that they are worthy of being named the next “King of the jungle” and thus be able to take home the juicy prize. millionaire at stake.

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I’m Famous, Get Me Out of Here: Participant FLIRTS strongly with Guty Carrera (VIDEO)