“If someone commits an act of violence, we will give them the Oscar”: All Jimmy Kimmel’s jokes at the 2023 Oscars

The Oscars 2023 they have given the starting signal, how could it be otherwise, with a mention of Will Smith’s slap in the face. Jimmy Kimmel, who repeats at the head of the gala in this 95th edition of the awards, recalled in his speech the controversial moment experienced at last year’s ceremony. We collect the best jokes of the presenter.

The color of the carpet

A few days ago, when the champagne-colored carpet on which the stars pose upon arrival at the Dolby Theater was uncovered, the presenter commented on the change with his usual humor. “I think the decision to go with the champagne instead of the red carpet shows how confident we are that no blood will be spilled.” stated, as reported Variety.

Mushrooms, Irish and Cameron in the boot

The presenter has started the gala in the purest style Tom Cruise, sneaking into a scene Top Gun: Maverick and appearing on stage in a parachute.

The discourse has revolved around a Hollywood obsessed with sequels and franchises (“Poor Steven Spielberg had to make a movie about Steven Spielberg”), the “mushrooms” of Seth Rogen, the failure of Babylonthe large Irish presence or the absence of James Cameron and Tom Cruise: “Tom and James Cameron have not come tonight. The two guys who insisted we go to the movies haven’t come.”

Director of Avatar He has also been the target of other ridicule for his obsession with drowning out Kate Winslet and her ego: “How come they haven’t nominated James Cameron for the best director award for Avatar: The sense of water? Did they think it’s a woman?”

pullita to will smith

As expected, in his opening speech, the presenter has not missed the opportunity to refer to Will Smith’s slap to Chris Rock in 2022. “If someone commits an act of violence, they will automatically be awarded the Best Actor Oscar.” He has joked, assuring that the person in charge will also enjoy minutes in his speech and that the assistants must do as last year: “Nothing”.

Recall that in 2022 Chris Rock took the stage of the Dolby Theater to present the Oscar for best documentary and made a joke about Jada Pinkett-Smith’s shaved head, who suffers from alopecia, comparing her to Lieutenant O’Neil from Ridley’s film Scott.

Kimmel has referred to the altercation more than once. Before introducing Elizabeth Olsen and Pedro Pascal, he once again recalled the episode: “At this point in the gala, you miss a slap in the face.”

Jenny the donkey

The presenter has taken the stage accompanied by Jenny, the donkey from Banshee of Inisherin, a perfect animal to give you “emotional support”. “There’s your little friend Colin,” she joked, pointing to Colin Farrell, before saying goodbye to her: “Let’s see if you come back on the plane with high spirits.”

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“If someone commits an act of violence, we will give them the Oscar”: All Jimmy Kimmel’s jokes at the 2023 Oscars