July 5, 2021

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“I’d rather go to prison before he dies”: a young man ‘steals’ his neighbor’s pitbull puppy to rescue him from the abuse he suffered

Id rather go to prison before he dies a young


4 Jul 2021 10:14 GMT

Fortunately, the puppy is receiving veterinary treatment and is already recovering in his new home from some ailments that afflict him.

Concerned about the deplorable state of an American pitbull puppy due to the mistreatment he suffered, Gastón Sosa, a 25-year-old Argentine resident of Garupá, in the state of Misiones, decided to enter his neighbor’s property and rescue to the animal “regardless of the consequences”, even if this meant for him to go to prison on charges of robbery, they report local media.

Through a video shared on Facebook on June 24, the boy denounced the daily abuse suffered by Kayser, approximately one year old, that he was not fed or cared for regularly. “The little dog is skinny, he’s hard, his gums don’t even have color […] I don’t know why he wants a dog if he has it like this “, is heard in the publication that shows the crestfallen dog chained.

Warning: the following images may hurt your sensitivity

After the owner refused to give the dog to Sosa and his aunt, who had already requested it on several occasions, the young man decided to give the animal a better life, broke into his neighbor’s house and took the dog with him. even knowing that he could be charged with theft. “I’d rather go to prison before he dies”, declared the rescuer.

“The police came to my house [a los pocos días] with the vet of the force and they told me that I am at fault for what I did. And I told them that I had no problem, that if I have to go to prison, I willI’m still going to be happy because the dog is going to be more than fine, “said Gastón.

Fortunately, Kayser is already under veterinary treatment and begins to recover little by little from some ailments and the state of malnutrition that afflicts him. Also, the puppy has begun to feel comfortable and confident in his new home, where he has even taken over an old armchair, said his new owner.

So far, the young man has not been required by the authorities to account for his courageous and noble action, which did not go unnoticed by neighbors and Internet users, who, moved by the story, have applauded Sosa’s commitment to animals and they have donated bags of food and other items to take care of his new pet.

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