July 5, 2021

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Iconic singer Raffaella Carrà dies at 78

1625501017 Iconic singer Raffaella Carra dies at 78

The Italian singer, actress and presenter Raffaella Carrà has died this Monday at the age of 78. This has been communicated to the Italian agency Ansa, Sergio Iapino, who was his partner for many years. Italy loses one of the country’s greatest divas, author of unforgettable hits such as Hot Hot O You have to come south.

“Raffaella has left us. He has gone to a better world, where his humanity, his unmistakable laugh and his extraordinary talent will remain forever,” said Iapino. According to his life partner, Carrà died at 4:20 pm this Monday after an illness that “for some time had attacked his small body, but full of energy.

Raffaella Carrà was a singer, television presenter and popular icon from Italy


“She had an unstoppable force, which led her to the top of the world star system, an iron will that did not abandon her until the last minute, causing none of her suffering to leak out. It is the umpteenth gesture of love towards her audience and towards those who have shared the affection, so that his personal ordeal does not disturb his luminous memory, “he continued.

At the moment, both the place of death and the details of the funeral celebration are unknown.

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Raffaella Carrá is remembered for being a total artist who revolutionized television and exported her new show formulas all over the world, especially in Spain and Latin America, where she is very fond of her. He conquered the conservative Spain of the seventies as a new sexual myth, and from there he made the leap to the other side of the Atlantic. He was a gay icon long before Madonna came along, receiving the World Pride Award in 2017.

raffaella carra

Raffaella Carrà, in a file image

She was born in Bologna, in the center of the country, in 1943 as Raffaella Maria Roberta Pelloni, her real name. He chose his artistic identity at the suggestion of a television director. The surname was taken from the futurist painter Carlo Carrà, but kept the Raffaella, which linked him to one of the greatest exponents of the Renaissance, Rafael.

Carrà began her prolific career when she was very young, and when she was only ten years old she moved to Rome to learn classical dance after begging her mother, separated, who raised her in an environment of absolute freedom that she displayed throughout her life. lifetime.

The 1981 album 'Raffaella Carra' contained the text 'Mama give me 100 pesetas'.

The 1981 album ‘Raffaella Carra’ contained the text ‘Mama give me 100 pesetas’.

At the age of fifteen he entered the Centro Sperimentale de Cinematografía, and five years later he landed in Barcelona with the Giulio Bosetti theater company to participate in the Latin Prose Festival, with Diego Fabbri’s play ‘Il seduttore’.

In Spain, in addition to its famous songs such as Blow me up, blow me up, blow up? O FiestaShe is remembered for the programs Hola Raffaella on TVE and At home with Raffaella on Tele 5. Perhaps the greatest diva in Italy, in 2016 she announced through tears that she wanted to retire from television to pass the baton on to new generations.