“I voted for an imbecile, conceited, arrogant guy”: the harsh criticism of Lalo Spain against AMLO

The 49-year-old actor attacked AMLO on social networks and claimed to be sorry for having voted for him in 2018 (Photos: Cuartoscuro)

Actor and comedian Lalo Spain, who plays the role of Germán Martínez in the popular television series Neighbours, was launched against the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) Through his official Twitter account, where he issued strong criticism of the administration of Tabasco.

During his pronouncement, the 49-year-old interpreter from Jalisco assured that he is “very sorry” for having given his vote to the executive, although he avoided directly mentioning his name, andor described as a “stupid, conceited, arrogant, closed, inept” and “corrupt”. Later, Spain criticized supporters who have extended their support to AMLO “Despite so many corruptions” and referred to the shortage of cancer drugs for children suffering from cancer in Mexico.

“I don’t know how to make people understand that, with creepy spelling and shameful wording, are still clinging to defending a stupid being. Anyway”, said the comedian through a video shared on Twitter, which he accompanied with the following message: “It had to be said and it was said. And as Don Jesús Martínez “Palillo” said: Do not say that they ran me over, because I do know how to cross the streets ”.

The comedian attacked Andrés Manuel López Obrador and called him “imbecile, arrogant” and “conceited” (Video: Twitter @laloespana)

The reactions were immediate and, so far, the strong statements made by Spain have gathered more than 10,000 “likes”, 4,000 “Retweets” and more than a thousand comments, among which stand out those where Internet users expressed their support for the comedian’s criticism.

However, there were also some who defended the president and in whom it was ensured that a smear campaign against the current government is being orchestrated since Televisa, a company in which Lalo España has been an actor for several decades.

Hours before posting the video, Spain denounced that it has been the victim of hacking in devices or social networks on more than one occasion after sharing tweets in which the President of the Republic is mentioned or “at”, so he expressed his discomfort on this same platform. “(…) I feel a deep sadness and it seems inexplicable to me that there are people clinging to defending an inept, corrupt and indefensible government,” he added.

The interpreter of "German" in the tv series "Neighbours" recently criticized AMLO on social media (Photo: Instagram / @laloespanaoficial)
The interpreter of “Germán” in the television series “Neighbors” recently criticized AMLO on social networks (Photo: Instagram / @laloespanaoficial)

Regarding the subject of vaccines, the interpreter shared a video in which journalist Max Kaiser explained the reasons why the Mexican health system is currently He has faced a crisis of shortage of medicines for the treatment of cancer or other diseases, in which he also criticized the current administration of the Tabasco and pointed out that some of the causes are the “arrogance, stupidity and improvisation of this government.”

The 49-year-old actor pointed out that the president has fostered violence and division within Mexico. He also accused AMLO of not “receiving people who have to deal with important matters, matters of delicacy for the country” and “of doing so many stupid things”, for which he urged his followers not to continue dividing and join forces so that there is a real change, not a “cheap transformation (…) a ridiculous thing, a stupid, inept and rubbish thing,” he explained.

The Mexican comedian launched his criticism against AMLO and his supporters through his official Twitter account (Photo: Twitter / @laloespana)
The Mexican comedian launched his criticism against AMLO and his supporters through his official Twitter account (Photo: Twitter / @laloespana)

For his part, the comedian criticized recent statements made by Hugo Lopez-Gatell, head of the Undersecretariat of Prevention and Health Promotion, where he assured that the issue of children suffering from cancer has been part of an “almost coup” campaign, a position supported by the cartoonist Rafael Barajas placeholder image, popularly known as “El Fisgón”.

“Of other people’s pain. A farting and two-sided insult for so many parents, foundations and other organizations that have seen themselves black looking to help children with cancer ”.