“I see them with my BOYFRIEND’S COUPLE”: a finalist of “The 8 Steps” left Guido Kaczka speechless

The 8 steps of the 3 million (the thirteen) always surprises with the incredible stories of its participants. However, this time the unusual failed act that a young finalist had when she made a personal revelation that baffled everyone present in the studio went viral.

Although the winner was Franco, a mechanical engineering student who said that with the money he would take his grandmother on a trip, one of the great stars of the night was Carolina, who lives in Ituzaingó and works in a census company for social works.

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The young woman reached the final, although at first she did not trust her knowledge. “He had no faith in me at all. I thought I was going to stay in the basement and I’m already happy, ”she said.

On the last step he ran into Carolina “Pampita” Ardohain again, who, to break the nervousness a bit, asked who he was watching the program with. It was there that the Ituzaingó contestant had a failure that left everyone with their mouths open.

Carolina had an unusual failed act (Photo: Capture eltrece)

“I see them with my boyfriend’s partner, with my mom, also at home. But more with my boyfriend’s partner when I go home on Fridays; we dine, watch and respond.” At that moment, she was interrupted by Guido Kaczka, host of the program, who asked: “Your boyfriend’s partner?” Trying to remember, she replied: “oh what did i say”.

“Sorry, I’m nervous,” she managed to say. The presenter gave him a hand and began: “With the family…”. “With my boyfriend’s family”, completed the young woman. Laughing, she concluded: “What did I say? Anything, we were three!”.

“The 8 steps”: a student won 3 million and will surprise his grandmother with a long-awaited trip

In a new edition of The 8 Steps (eltrece), the program hosted by Guido Kaczka, a 19-year-old university student won the grand prize of three million pesos.

When Franco told what he will use for the money he earned generated excitement from everyone in the studio.

Photo: Capture eltrece The 8 steps

Photo: Capture eltrece The 8 steps

After handing over the check, the driver was in charge of remarking that the student has the idea of ​​taking his grandmother on a trip, who was never able to leave the country. And the chosen place is the land where his parents were born.

In addition, Franco, who celebrated his achievement with his girlfriend, was in charge of announcing that The next program will return to try to keep three million pesos more.

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“I see them with my BOYFRIEND’S COUPLE”: a finalist of “The 8 Steps” left Guido Kaczka speechless