“I just want to say thank you”: child manages to leave Afghanistan and be adopted by a Florida couple

The crisis in Afghanistan has not only reached Europe and Asia, but also America and, specifically, a small city in Florida. Bahaudin Mujtaba, a professor at Nova Southeastern University, and his wife had been trying to adopt 10-year-old Noman for five years.

As Mujtaba told BayNews9, Noman was able to board a military flight in early August from Kabul airport to Qatar. From there, he and the people he was traveling with were transferred to Germany.

Although he knew Noman was out of harm’s way, Mujtaba told the news outlet that he was sometimes unable to contact the minor for more than a day.

“Often I would watch television and newspaper reports and journalists that offered some images, hoping to know that it was okay,” Mujtaba tells BayNews9.

With my heart in my hand … for Afghanistan

Mujtaba, who was born in Afghanistan, dijo a a Spectrum Bay News 9 that he is disheartened by the chaos that has been unleashed there since the Taliban took power. He assured that he still has family there and that he is concerned for their safety.

“I just want to thank all the service members who are risking their own lives to save all the Americans and SIV applicants and all the other Afghans who were able to get out of Afghanistan,” Mujtaba told the media. “I want to thank all of them and their families for making the sacrifices.”

As reported by Bay News 9, Mujtaba was in Washington DC on Thursday awaiting Noman’s arrival on US soil: “I hope he will go home with me, but I’m not sure. I’m still not sure, because many of the Afghans who arrive, the evacuees, are being sent to various fields here in Washington or in Texas or in Pennsylvania, “Mujtaba said.