“I have cried a lot”: Carmen Villalobos confirmed the end of an important stage of her life

Actress Carmen Villalobos has been part of the main media headlines in the face of rumors about a possible separation from her husband, Sebastián Caicedo, with whom she has been in a relationship for more than ten years.

However, neither has confirmed or denied the rumors and have only said that they stay away because they have work projects in different countries.

Precisely, one of Villalobos’s projects that was being filmed in Colombia was the new version of the novel Till money do us partwhich is broadcast from Monday to Friday on the RCN channel.

The actress told on her social networks that the end of the recordings of the novel had come and He confessed that closing this cycle has been one of the most difficult things he has done in his life.

In a video he assured that he has cried a lot and in his images he shared a video with some emotional words: “Today I say goodbye to this character that I LOVED CRAZY ❤️. Thank you Alejandra Maldonado for coming into my life and challenging me once again in my career 🥰! Months of hard work putting your heart and soul into it! Smiling and maintaining the best attitude for all of you so inside my soul couldn’t take it anymore 🥺💔… Thank you God for giving me the strength in these months to stand up! Thank you mommy for never letting go of your hand! Thank you to everyone who was part of this great project! To all the WONDERFUL TEAM BEHIND THE CAMERA, directors, producers, makeup, costumes, art, photography, stage partners and all of you who follow me every day! I carry them in my little heart ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️! Thanks to @RCN Channel that has been my house for the last 2 years! Until next time my beautiful people! I LOVE THEM TOO MUCH 💋💋”.

She also said that she adds another great project in her career of more than 15 years on television and that at her farewell they gave her flowers, which made her happy. “I always do all my work, so thank you very much,” she said.

The actress shared photos with her co-stars on her social networks, such as Sebastián Martínez and Gregorio Pernía.

She was surprised by the message that thanked everyone around her except her partner, Sebastián Caicedowhich further fuels the rumors that the separation would already be more than agreed.

A few days ago, the actress assured that their relationship is still stable and that they only reached an agreement to get away from social networks.

For Villalobos, it is no secret that The fact of showing their love on social networks and, from one moment to the next, changing this way of communicating with netizens can be considered as something “rare”.

“When everything has been very public, it is a little strange not to see us together anymore,” said the artist.

According to the statements of the well-known public figure, by exposing their relationship so much in digital scenarios, it was being cut short and causing problems. In view of this, the duo of actors reached an agreement, at the beginning of this year, and that is not to appear together and, in some way, also separate a little.

“Separate careers, separate human beings, because he ―Sebastián Caicedo― still has his life, I still have mine and sometimes that was mixing and causing things like rolls. So, we decided not to see us together so that each one can continue building those dreams and those personal things that we have, “said the Barranquillera.

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“I have cried a lot”: Carmen Villalobos confirmed the end of an important stage of her life