“I fear for my life, he threatened me”: alleged son of Santiago Alarcón and Shakira gives his version of the case

After the public complaint of the actor Santiago Alarcón on his social networks, in which he stated that a young man was harassing him, claiming that he was his son, and that his mother was Shakira, in the middle of an interview on the entertainment program I know everything, broadcast by Channel 1, the alleged son gave his version to the country.

However, one of the revelations that this young man made has alarmed public opinion, since he assured that his alleged father had threatened him with death, for which he feared for his life.

He told me I’m going to send you to kill. Is he going to kill his own son, his own blood? He is not ashamed, not embarrassed, if I want to know everything, so that he can tell me the truth, I am in serious health… I fear for my life, because he threatened me and in front of my friend. Sure, I fear for my life.” expressed the young man in his interview, indicating what, according to him, would have happened with Alarcón during the previous weekend, at which time the actor decided to make the public complaint.

The presumed adoption

There are two reasons: the first, a memory as a child when I was four years old, he went with four friends to look for me, he locked us up… then I grabbed a post, and he pulled me like that, hard, and looked me in the eye. I never forget that look.” The young man mentioned began by stating that he knew he was adopted and that this was his first memory of Alarcón.

In addition, he went on to state that he had heard his adoptive parents talk about the “subject” just as the well-known series was broadcast. The man is german, in which Alarcón starred.

“A long time later, when I was 12 or 13 years old, my adoptive parents, when he was in the series The man is german, and I unintentionally, unintentionally, I heard everything, exactly, that he was my dad and that he was through the roof and that they were going to take me to see him so that he would realize how he was, “ He stated in the middle of the interview for the aforementioned medium, indicating that he had an encounter with the actor while he was in his teens.

That guy came over, looked me up and down, I don’t know how he recognized me. He recognized my dad. I was like 13 years old. He turned red, green, purple, yellow and he was gone”, said the young man, who has not revealed his name so far, but the program identifies him as Pedro.

The guardianship of the 800 million pesos

And regarding the statements about an alleged scam against Alarcón, the young man indicated before the cameras that the information was not correct, but had been manipulated, explaining that he had made a mistake in formulating the guardianship, so that would have given the negative result; then, it would not be an “extortion”, so the actor would be “slandering” Pedro.

“What happens is that he is confusing everything, there was a guardianship four years ago that I asked him for a paternity test, I trusted a person who said that she was my mother, and I believed him and trusted me, and I put it there by mistake… The guardianship was denied and that stayed there, I respected that guardianship. He said that I was asking for 800 million pesos for damages, moral damage, abandonment, but it is not extortion ”, explained the young man showing some documents that would support his position.

“I never put a gun on him to blackmail him, that’s defamation. Many people have commented on things that are not, defaming without knowing what happened, “said the young man, adding that he had no scientific proof that could prove that he was the son of Santiago Alarcón.

He says I harassed him, that’s a lie. I did go a couple of times to leave the number so that he could contact me to do the paternity test.” The young man assured the aforementioned media regarding the alleged harassment of which the actor would be a victim.

And when questioned about whether he had looked for Shakira, his alleged mother, the young man stated that he had not done so, that this had been part of the guardianship in which he was wrong, and that at the moment he has no way to sustain the bond maternal with the singer from Barranquilla.

In his speech, he went on to affirm that Alarcón should give him the money he was asking for for the damages caused by his abandonment when he was little and the paternity test that he had been denied for a long time.

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“I fear for my life, he threatened me”: alleged son of Santiago Alarcón and Shakira gives his version of the case