Hurricanes and fires unleash praise and harsh criticism of NBL participants

As had already been announced prior to this episode, the host Alejandra Espinoza had to be absent on this occasion from the broadcast for health reasons, but Giselle Blondet replaced her masterfully, remembering the time when she was the host of this reality show, exactly for seven seasons, and sent her best wishes to her friend.

Giselle Blondet steps on the NBL catwalk to replace Alejandra Espinoza as she recovers

Farruko’s party and the romanticism of Banda MS, present at NBL

Music and special guests can never be absent at Nuestra Belleza Latina. For the opening of the show we had a spectacular number by Farruko, who took over the stage when performing his hit ‘Pepas’, printing a spectacular rhythm to this gala. The Puerto Rican was not alone, as the 11 participants who started in this gala accompanied him in the choreography, and he took the opportunity to advise them never to abandon their dreams.

To the rhythm of ‘Pepas’ by Farruko, the NBL participants shone on the catwalk of the third gala

Banda MS premieres its song ‘Positivo’ in the first gala parade of Nuestra Belleza Latina

Hurricanes and fires: the first challenge of the season

On this occasion, Nuestra Belleza Latina had a very special guest, we refer to Greidys Gil, Nuestra Belleza Latina 2009, who brought the first challenge of this season, which also had the participation of María Antonieta Collins, who served as journalistic advisor.

Like a true professional, already blind, Lupita Valero reported the arrival of Hurricane Giselle

The girls received an invitation from the host of Despierta América on Sunday to cover a hurricane and a fire. The journalist summoned the 11 participants to a location to submit them to this challenge, but of course, not without first giving them the recommendations that she, with a history of 47 years, has in this type of event.

The reality production team recreated the passage of a hurricane and could also feel what it is like to be covering the news of a fire. The participants had to overcome all the inclemencies to make a good report and, above all, put into practice the advice that the expert Collins gave them before starting the challenge.

The “pim pum pam” and the microphone of Génesis Suero almost fly off when covering Hurricane Jomari

The applause and harsh criticism from the judges

The judges had to evaluate the performance of each young man in their coverage and that was when all kinds of opinions were unleashed. The comments in favor were not lacking, like the ones he took Lupita Valero when reporting the arrival of Hurricane Giselle, and although in the end she was practically blind, since the hood of her jacket prevented her from seeing what was happening, the Mexican went ahead with the test.

Sirey Morán convinces the judges with her first challenge and Jomari will demand more from her from now on

Mia Dio receives a severe evaluation by judges Daniella Álvarez and Adal Ramones

Amid the challenges, Giselle Blondet unveiled the name of the 10th contestant who would enter the NBL Mansion. Last week the judges decided that the place was between Fabién de la Concepción and Dhana Barnique, but the public would be the one who would choose the winner. The envelope with the vote gave the Cuban the last key to the house and the Venezuelan had to say goodbye to the competition.

Fabién Laurencio cries when she finds out that the public chose her to be the tenth finalist of NBL

Do not miss the fourth episode of Nuestra Belleza Latina next Sunday at 8P / 7C on UnivisionFind out who will continue in the competition, what will be the next challenge to meet, who will be ‘La Bombita de la Semana’ and many more surprises.

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