How to know who visited your Facebook profile (100% secure method)

FILE PHOTO: There are many people who can go through a user’s profile on Facebook on a daily basis. REUTERS / Dado Ruvic / Illustration / File Photo

Currently, Facebook is the social network with the largest number of users in the world with more than 2.74 billion people registered on its platform, this, according to the Digital 2021 study developed by We Are Social and Hootsuite. Of course, This number also positions it as the most important social platform in the world, after other high-caliber platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp or Twitter.

However, in the midst of so many people, many times each of Facebook users have doubts about their privacy and security. Taking into account the ease that exists to locate each other, people can feel observed by other Internet users without being able to have a tool or help that allows them to know this information.

However, for many years there have been scammers or cybercriminals who promise to solve this problem, through third-party applications that claim to be able to tell a person who has visited their profile, and thus be able to keep a record of the ‘gossipers’ who from time to time walk on its wall. Of course, at all times, these apps turn out to be a fraud that hackers use to get hold of Internet users’ personal information or simply to mess up their lives for a while.

Now, in the midst of so much deception and scam that exists, a reliable and secure way was recently found with which you can have a list of users who visit your profile. Without having to download any application, it will only be necessary to dig a little in the Facebook code to come across a record that the social network has, precisely, with this information.

To get hold of this valuable data, you just have to follow these simple steps within the same code or Facebook software:

1. Open the Facebook page from your computer’s web browser.

2. Go to your profile. Once there press F12 or the Ctrl + U key combination.

3. Immediately, a new tab will open presenting you with the Facebook HTML code. In summary, all those letters and numbers is what make up the social network.

4. Now is the time to start the trick. Inside this screen, type the combination Control + F used to start the search engine within the browser. Once open, type: Buddy_ID and immediately a series of codes with this phrase will be shaded in orange or red. In case of not shading, just press Enter to order the browser to search for this key.

5. A multi-digit number will appear in front of all the shaded “Buddy_IDs” which, in a nutshell, represent every user who has viewed your profile. To find out who it identifies, you just have to copy the code and write the following link: (paste the code).

6. Press Enter and watch the ‘magic’ be done.

This way you can review at least half a hundred users who have seen your profile in recent months. It should be remembered that the list of users, as shown by the HTML code, does not necessarily reflect the actual order in which people have visited your profile; However, although it does not show a date or time either, this is an interesting alternative to find out who is watching your life on Facebook.

Note: As stated above, this method simply shows a record that Facebook makes through its code, so it is not being altered in any way, and the data obtained serves only as information.