Host of ‘VLA’ would fight with a member of ‘Hoy’ at the funeral of Carmen Salinas; they separate it

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Mexico City.- Televisa Y TV Azteca again you find yourself causing controversy, as they claim they did not leave the funeral of Carmen Salinas free of controversy, since they affirm that Ricardo Casares placeholder image, a driver of Come the joy, it would have fought with Sebastián Reséndiz, one of the program Today, it is even said that they should have separated them.

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On the morning of Friday, December 10, the entertainment world woke up to the terrible news of the death of Salinas, who had already been hospitalized for almost a month due to a cerebral hemorrhage in the brain stem, which made surgery impossible and made her fall into a coma, dying of a heart attack.

Given this, various media, such as the Ajusco television station and the San Ángel company, spoke in their accounts of Instagram, Twitter and television channels, to pay tribute to him with photos and videos, in addition to covering the transmission of his funeral and last goodbye.

From minute six 45 seconds.

Now, according to the YouTube channel of Arguende TV, while they were watching over the body of the beloved Televisa actress, before she was cremated, and each medium was in place recording to broadcast everything about it, a fierce fight broke out between both reporters.

Dael Quiroz, the youtuber of the channel, detailed that this happened because the driver of Come the joy He took Reséndiz’s place when he took a few minutes, together with his cameraman, to enter the chapel and say goodbye to the woman he considered his mother.

Presumably, Ricardo, even knowing that they would return, even seeing that all his equipment was still in place, he put himself in that place and began to record his capsules for the Ajusco, and when the driver of Today To take his place he began to yell loudly at him, starting a fight, until Maria Eugenia Plascencia He came out to shut them up and ask for respect in such a difficult moment.

Sebastián and Carmen were great friends. Internet

Incredible as it may seem, he takes the place of Sebastián Reséndiz, Hoy’s host, who was making some capsules for newscasts and content for Televisa, and Ricardo Casares took advantage of the fact that Sebastián and his cameraman had a break and entered the chapel, and He told his cameraman to get there, it’s disrespectful to say the least, because the camera, the tripod, the microphones were still there, he puts on and makes his capsules there, “said Dael.

Given this, the famous youtuber pointed out that it was unfortunate and that in the end it was Sebastián who regained his sanity and decided to ignore the shouts and insults of Casares to go to another place to continue with his work. It is worth mentioning that Dael also mentioned that from the beginning Flor Rubio and Casares arrived with the airs of a diva, doing less to the others.

It was very unfortunate, María Eugenia had to arrive, who is still suffering, she had to come to ask for sanity, and finally in an act of respect, in an act of empathy, in an act of understanding that someone should have sanity, Sebastián, who with the intention of not continuing to listen to the screams, the lack of respect from Ricardo, decides to remove himself there and move all his equipment, “said Quiroz.

Ricardo Casares. Internet

Source: Arguende TV YouTube channel

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Host of ‘VLA’ would fight with a member of ‘Hoy’ at the funeral of Carmen Salinas; they separate it