Here there is no one who lives moves in February next to La que se avecina, will they compete?

Spanish production has produced many great sitcoms over the decades. It is easy that in the Top 10 of many viewers we find series What There is no one living here Y The one that is coming.

Between 2003 and 2006, Aquí no hay quien viva left us 90 episodes of madness and debauchery on the street disappointment 21 with the craziest neighbors I had seen on television up to that moment.

Co-created by Alberto Caballero and Iñaki Ariztimuñothe Serie It ended unexpectedly in 2006, but would be replaced by Alberto and Laura Caballero’s new creation (and spiritual heir), La que se avecina.

The new series, which has already been on the air for more than fifteen years and has 13 seasons to its credit, is currently broadcast on Comedy Centralas well as other platforms, and its new episodes are released on Prime Video.

There is no one who lives here and La que se avecina will “coexist” on television

starting next February 6thThere is no one alive here returns to Comedy Central, where its episodes will bring us Monday to Friday at 8:30 p.m.hilarious distribution that formed the neighborhood of Desengaño 21.

talents like José Luis Gil, Fernando Tejero, Malena Alterio, Eduardo Gómez, Gemma Cuervo and Mariví Bilbao They will make us relive the madness that the neighborhood of this property experienced during its time on television, before part of the cast “moved” to Mirador de Montepinar.

Both sitcoms will coexist on Comedy Central starting in February and, to a large extent, it is a sign of the success that Aquí no hay quien viva still has on the national television scene.

Despite the fact that La que se avecina has already more than doubled the length of Aquí no hay quien viva, there is a fraction of the magic of the original series that its successor has not managed to maintain, and it makes the historic sitcom continue to triumph in Atreseries, Netflix or Prime Video.

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Here there is no one who lives moves in February next to La que se avecina, will they compete?