Heartbreak in the Carnival: the endearing parodist Ledys “Panchito” Araújo passed away

After a long hospitalization at the Maciel Hospital, the parodist died on Tuesday Ledys “Panchito” Araujo, historical component of Zíngaros, among other groups. The news was disseminated and lamented by several carnival fans and confirmed by TV Show with relatives.

Daecpu’s official account also reported and mourned the death. “Daecpu greets family and friends very affectionately at this moment of great pain,” wrote the union of carnival fans and announced that the wake will be at the Martinelli company, at a time to be confirmed.

In July, The comedian had been operated on twice for a condition in the intestine but the postoperative period was complicated and never managed to consolidate the rehabilitation. She spent several days in CTI and although in recent weeks she went to the common room, her condition never improved.

Araújo had been dedicated to Carnival for 27 years. He went through groups such as Zíngaros, Nazarenos, Los Carlitos and La Reina de La Teja; he won several contests and even received special mentions from the jury. In the last Carnival he was part of Zíngaros, the group of parodists with whom he cultivated his greatest sense of belonging.

With a small complexion, Araújo commissioned endearing characters in the different carnivals. He put himself in the shoes of Ansina in 2020 or was the monkey Abu in the parody of Aladdin, when he imposed the filler “No, we freaked out.”

On TV, he was part of The noon show in the last stage and more recently, he had a passage through Masterchef Celebrity on Channel 10.

Gastón Sosa with
Gastón Sosa with “Panchito” Araújo during the preview at Club Colonia. Photo: E. Rodriguez.

In recent times, he was carrying out a theatrical season with Sebastián Almada, which he had to interrupt due to his digestive health problems, which led him to hospitalization.

In recent weeks, several festivals have been organized to benefit Panchito, whose family he has faced the costs of his hospitalization. Groups such as Zíngaros, Agarrate Catalina, among others, participated.

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Heartbreak in the Carnival: the endearing parodist Ledys “Panchito” Araújo passed away