He went to Guido’s, claimed his prize and finished it live: “You’re not leaving here”

Guido Kaczka and its production have had different mishaps with participants who claimed to have won and never received the awards that were promised to them on the air of Welcome aboard. And in this sense, a lady from Caseros put the driver in a bind live, asking him to take “the twine.”

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It all started when the participant was about to participate for 500,000 pesos and, in unison, a taxi driver was also competing for a 0KM car. At that moment, the lady exclaimed: “Do you know what we can do, Guido? He takes the taxi, and I take the 500 and he takes me home with the twine. How about?“.

“You are not leaving here with the money now, I am very paranoid about problems. But what you say is fine. Anyway, wait. If she wins the half million and you win the taxi, will you take her home? A ride, you might as well go back to your house“, answered Guido Kaczka, getting out of trouble. Then he asked the participant to leave him “a tip“to the taxi driver in case he brings it to your home.

He is a cousin of Pipi Romagnoli, he went to Guido Kaczka’s and humiliated Pablo Migliore

Something similar was seldom seen on Argentine television. While this is not the first time a game has involved scoring a goal against an experienced goalkeeper to win prizes, the way Pablo Migliore was humiliated in the air of The thirteen surprised even the driver himself. Guido Kaczka was stunned by the presence of the cousin of “Pipi” Romagnoli. What did? He put a pipe to the goalkeeper and made a real goal.

“I eat it raw”, suggested the participant, seconds before scoring the goal. Then, faced with the options of finishing a penalty or trying to evade Migliore, the protagonist preferred the last alternative and began his way towards the arch. The former San Lorenzo goalkeeper waited for him standing, without knowing what would happen next: with a feint on a tile, he was paying, the ball passed between his legs and was a goal.

Unable to believe what I was observing, Guido Kaczka exclaimed: “No! Did you see what the Romagnoli did? Look at the Romagnoli! This is Romagnoli! Didn’t you see what he did? Oops! I tell you, look, uh. A tube, a tube. Look, look, what face the cousin of “Pipi” Romagnoli and see what he does. Excellent combination “.