He was a teenage star, planted Brad Pitt and shone on “Friends,” and today he fights for his life: Christina Applegate

“I grew up on a set. It’s the most comfortable place I can be. I love it. I love the equipment, I love the cameras, the people and the sound engineers and my actors. I just want to be friends with everyone,” says Christina. Applegate

Those of us who enjoy it in Dead to me, that brilliant and irreverent comedy found in Netflix, and those who remember her as Kelly, the teenager from the original version of Married with kids, we were shocked by the news. Christina Applegate, He said in his social networks that the diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

“It has been a strange journey. But the people I know who also suffer from this disease were very supportive. It has been a tough road. But as we all know, the path continues ”, he revealed in a tweet, ending with:“ As one of my friends who has multiple sclerosis said, ‘we get up and take the indicated action’. And that’s what I do. So now I ask for privacy while I go through this. “

His message was on the one hand devastating and yet hopeful, and we already know that hope belongs to life. It is life itself, defending itself.

If Applegate knows one thing, it’s that life isn’t always a bed of roses. He was born in Los Angeles on November 25, 1971, and like many residents of that city, he grew up in a family where frustration was stronger than dreams. His father, Robert, he was a record producer and his mother, Nancy Priddy, an actress and singer who, although she rowed and rowed her, could not achieve success. Out of frustration, projection or simply necessity, Nancy decided that her baby would achieve what she did not have: at five months Christina starred in a bottle ad. At the time the marriage separated. Nancy and her daughter were left in a dire financial situation.

He was a teenage star planted Brad Pitt and shone

Several times they had to resort to the help of the state in order to survive. Mother and daughter got by with odd jobs. Nancy agreed to participate in any series and play offered, while Christina appeared in commercials and some film productions. “For my mother it was not easy being an actress with problems working and raising a girl. We were like two tramps, never knowing where the money would come from ”.

The instability, far from making her weak, made her a person very sure of what she wanted. It was not easy to overcome his shyness and in high school not feel like an ugly duckling next to his partner, the beautiful Jovovich mile, but he succeeded.

At the age of 15 he went to the casting to Married with kids. He got the role that years later Luisana Lopilato I would interpret in the Argentine version. To meet recording times, he dropped out of high school, a decision he always regretted. If in comedy she was a lovable but not very clever teenager, in real life she was just as lovable but very intelligent. Ed O Neill, who played his father in the sitcom, used to say, between pride and admiration, that “only someone of his caliber and intelligence can pull off a ‘dumb blonde’ character so convincingly.” He said that with Christina it only took one or two takes to get the scene, something the actors admired and the technicians appreciated.

The comedy was on the air for ten years and it was Applegate herself who explained why it was in effect. “At the beginning the show shocked and upset people. But in private, they enjoyed laughing. Too often people look at the perfect families on television and think, ‘Why can’t my family be like this?’ But in the case of Married with kids, people could finally exclaim: ‘Thank God my family is not like that!’

Applegate rose to fame with her role as Kelly in the television comedy
Applegate rose to fame with her role as Kelly in the television comedy “Married with Children” (1987-1997)

The teenager became a beautiful blonde who became a frequent protagonist of those lists – “the sexiest”, “the most beautiful” – that Americans like so much. In 1992 MTV gave the award to the most desired. He kept it Linda Hamilton, but Christina reached the final nothing more and nothing less than with Kim Basinger and Julia Roberts.

By then Brad Pitt he went crazy for her. They met in the hallways of the studio when she was already Kelly and he, a stranger who was looking for an opportunity but with a beauty of those that seems worthy of another DNA. From acquaintances they passed to friends: Pitt used to share dinners with the Applegates. In 1988 they starred in a photographic production and from friends they became boyfriends. The blonde was eight years older, but the age difference didn’t matter.

Applegate said they never dated Pitt again after the famous awards show, but they saw each other many times and their relationship is cordial (Photo: Getty)
Applegate said they never dated Pitt again after the famous awards show, but they saw each other many times and their relationship is cordial (Photo: Getty)

A year later they were invited to the MTV Video Music Award. They arrived together but they left separated: the girl planted Brad for Sebastian Bach, singer of heavy metal band Skid Row. To this day the musician boasts that “there was a time on this earth when Sebastian Bach was even hotter than Brad Pitt.” And nobody can deny it.

By the end Married with kids, Applegate was part of the series Jesse, a project that lasted two years. He worked in some films that did not become tanks, such as Wonderland and Surviving Christmas, but they are those types of films where the script shows that you are more interested in what is told than what is collected.

I participate in Friends Interpreting Amy Green, sister of Rachel, the character of Jennifer Aniston. He was only in two episodes and they earned him a Emmy.

On "Friends", Christina Applegate was the unbearable and envious sister of Rachel (Jennifer Aniston)
In “Friends”, Christina Applegate was the unbearable and envious sister of Rachel (Jennifer Aniston)

In 2001 he married Johnathon Schaech and in 2005 they separated. He was left with a German car and a cement Buddha; her with a green car and two houses. They both rejected their right to ask for spousal support: they keep talking like two old friends.

At the time he began a relationship with Lee Grivas, a photographer. For two years they had twists and turns because of his drug addiction. Christina loved him, but she also felt that she couldn’t sit still while her partner ruined her life. The actress could not forget that night in October 1993 in The Viper Room, the bowling alley on Hollywood Boulevard. Remember your greeting with River Phoenix and also how she saw him convulse on the sidewalk, the victim of a cocaine cocktail with heroin. He didn’t want to repeat history with Grivas, that’s why the fights and the reconciliations. Love failed to overcome addictions: Grivas died of an overdose in 2008.

She hadn’t finished firing her boyfriend when a visit to the doctor ended with a devastating diagnosis: breast cancer. As a consequence of the disease, and as part of the treatment, he underwent a double mastectomy. “I cry at least once a day about it because it’s hard to miss when you’re standing in front of the mirror. When you look down, it is the first thing you see… It is a constant memory of the cancer I had ”, he was sincere in the program of Oprah Winfrey.

Nine years later, an operation was performed to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes. “It’s a relief, it’s something less that I have to worry about. Now let’s hope a bus doesn’t run over me, “he said, to put some humor into the matter.

"My cousin passed away from ovarian cancer in 2008, and I can prevent that. That was my way of taking control over everything"said about her double mastectomy
“My cousin passed away from ovarian cancer in 2008, and I can prevent that. That was my way of taking control over everything,” she said of her double mastectomy.

The actress said that she carries the mutated BRCA1 gene, which predisposes the appearance of cancer, and one of her biggest concerns was that her daughter had inherited it. “The chances are very high. I’m doing everything I can, but I know that in about 20 years she has to start studying, ”he shared. “I hope that by that time there will be progress, because it breaks my heart to think that this scenario is a possibility in his life.”

In his recovery, the role of Martyn Lenoble, His couple. Lenoble is a bass player, which shows Applegate’s predilection for musicians: He is a member of a rock group called Porno for Pyros. In 2010 they got engaged. She highlighted how he helped her overcome her poor health. “Martyn has been an incredible part of my life. Without him, I don’t know if I could have made it. Their help has been truly incredible. ” In 2011 came Sadie, the daughter of both.

The actress decided to enjoy motherhood. He spent a lot of time with his daughter. An animal defender, she participated in several conservation campaigns and continued taking jazz dance classes. She did not forget her experience, and to raise awareness about breast cancer, she founded the organization Right Action for Women, dedicated to providing early detection of this type of cancer.

In 2009 he starred in and produced Samatha who?, a comedy that was encouraged to question the ethics of a certain middle class. It took ten years to enjoy it on screen again. It was in 2019 when it was released Dead to me, comedy of black humor that has it by protagonist and also producer. Because Applegate is part of that fierce group of people who do not wait for the opportunity to come to them but go out to generate it. What Reese Witherspoon, Charlize Theron and Natalie Portman, decided to produce the series or movies that they would like to star in.

"Dead to me" earned five Emmy nominations, including Best Actress for Applegate
“Dead to Me” earned five Emmy nominations, including Best Actress for Applegate.

Dead to me It is one of those wonders that go unnoticed in promos but explode in word of mouth. If you, reader, have not seen it yet, leave this note for a while and start to see it, believe me, you will not be disappointed. The series brings everything that takes it out of the category “one more” to become “unforgettable”. A black comedy that does not fall into any common place, with a humor that is more complex and sophisticated than that of the mockery of the other or the quick reply. The plot is original in the approach and in the resolution. To that is added that its protagonists, Applegate and Linda Cardellini, together they are dynamite. It makes you want to get on the screen to share adventures and friendship with those girls.

When it seemed that the third season of the series was coming and the cancer had been left behind, Aplegatte announced that she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. They say that God speaks through misfortunes. If so, Applegate is listening to a speech.

A new and arduous path begins for her. Surely she will go through it with that courage that distinguishes her as a girl. Because if he was able to plant Brad Pitt, we have no doubts about the integrity of this woman who had her ovaries removed but still has them.

Christina Applegate
Christina Applegate