June 9, 2021

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He was a figure in ShowMatch and now he wants to denounce Tinelli: “This guy doesn’t understand”

He was a figure in ShowMatch and now he wants

Charlotte caniggia debuted on the track of The academy on Showmatch and the production had no better idea than to invite the comedians Fatima Florez and Freddy Villareal for them to interpret the characters of Mariana nannis Y Alex Caniggia respectively and Charlotte warned that they would have “trouble” since Nannis was not long in jumping against Marcelo Tinelli.

It is known that Tinelli tried on several occasions to have on the floor of his program Mariana nannis, but the ex-wife of Claudio Paul Caniggia nor does he bother if there is no “cachet” involved. This time, as she is living abroad and the resources of The Flia they are not going through the best of their moments, they decided to imitate her directly in their daughter’s debut in The academy.

After what Freddy and Fatima will imitate Alex and Mariana, the good mood was short-lived. Although on air he did not have a bad time with the presentation of the comedians, off camera Charlotte He anticipated to the producers what could happen. “We are going to have trouble,” he warned. Then the journalist from Miter Live, Juan Etchegoyen, contacted the mother of the participant of the reality show The thirteen to find out what he thought of the imitation.

Earlier today I spoke with Mariana Nannis that he is not in Argentina, he is abroad and I asked him about the imitation of Fátima Flórez. I texted him to see if he had seen her. Your word seems important to me. I noticed her angry and indignant because I don’t know how much she likes to be imitated“, expressed the journalist.

And he gave more details: “She told me: ‘I did not see the imitation, I am not in Argentina and I have better things to look at. I’m not interested in seeing her either and I’m going to continue sleeping ‘. It was like very hot, “the journalist completed, making it clear that the blonde did not like the idea of ​​reappearing, by any means, in the local media.

Anyway, the media saw the sketch of Showmatch and he definitely didn’t like it at all. Angry, as it transpired, she called her daughter Charlotte and later to his lawyers. “This guy doesn’t understand what a no is. I don’t want to be there “he would have said to launch a strong threat. “They use my person to earn money. If not the cut with the imitation is going to happen to majors this, “she would have said in order to follow the matter in the judicial way to demand a compensation that she considers fair.