“He threatened me”: Daniel Fuenzalida declassified the conflict with Mauricio Israel before leaving Me Late

The animator of “Me Late”, Daniel Fuenzalida, shot Mauricio Israel without a filter, after starring in a tense moment against Marlene de la Fuente in the program “Follow me and I follow you”. Reason why he is ex-Huevo, he assured that he should not be on television.

“I say that should be off screenbasically because he has not been treated. He he has an internal rage that somehow makes him make mistakes on air. He has an impulsiveness that is unmanageable, so he makes him commit Mistakes like disrespecting women”.

“He disrespected Titi García Huidobro, he has disrespected Nataly Chilet and now he disrespected Marlene de la Fuente. That is why I say that Mauricio should not be on the screen ”, he said emphatically to Publimetro.

The face of Me Late revealed that Mauricio Israel knows him from the years they worked in CHV, where the conflicts began.

Fuenzalida attributes influence of Israel

“I know Mauricio from ChilevisiónHe was a commercial manager when I was at the channel, he treated me badly at that time. And his impulse control leads him to make mistakes like the ones he made with me last year.”

In addition, he declassified the time he threatened him and that later led to the departure of Me Late from TV+.

“I remember that last year we did a ‘True story’ of him at Me Late. He lived in Miami and he had communication with Luis Sandoval and through Luis Sandoval He threatened me, he sent a message telling me that if I was sure of what I was putting on the air about him, because he knew the owner of the channel, then if I continued with that content, he was going to do things so that something would happen to me.”.

“That is why, when he arrived at the channel, I always had my resentments. And well, he is a friend of Gonzalo Cordero, the production manager of the channel and basically, we know what happened with Me Late and That has to do with Gonzalo Cordero, it has to do with Mauricio Israel. Here there is one, there is a brotherhood of people”.

Fierce warning to Gonzalo Cordero

Finally, he sent a message warning Gonzalo Cordero to speak everything he knows about him and it would be a “very delicate” situation with a woman.

“I think (Gonzalo) I have been pelandor out there with some television characters and some channel executives. only i can say that When I talk about Gonzalo Cordero, I’m going to talk more than anything and I’m going to talk about all the things I know and even what has happened with some cheerleaders from his channel and him. There are very delicate things,” he said.

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“He threatened me”: Daniel Fuenzalida declassified the conflict with Mauricio Israel before leaving Me Late