He resigned from ShowMatch and Tinelli rushed him live: “I want you to say it publicly”

In the last hours, a new resignation shook Marcelo tinelli. Is that your program, ShowMatch, not only suffers from low-rated numbers but also he sees the figures he bet on for the new competition of The academy. In this case, It was Ulises Bueno who announced his goodbye due to new work commitments. And it was there that, unexpectedly, the driver he rushed it live: “I want you to say it publicly”.

We wanted to tell you something because Ulysses today asked for a time today, about two months or so to rearm. You’ve said it before, but I want you to say it publicly, we already knew“, He launched Marcelo tinelli, leaving no choice to the quarterer artist. At that moment, Well should have taken the floor and made known in the air of The thirteen the reasons why you left the competition.

Bluntly, the singer assured: “I have come up with a very important work proposal to record feats with outsiders. I have to record my next CD “. After fulfilling its mission and achieving that Ulysses Good confirm his resignation, Marcelo tinelli He replied: “Well, we are going to wait for you these two months, we are not going to give you a replacement partner. Other couples are going to enter, but hey, we love having you here, we understand perfectly. Besides, you had suggested that this possibility could come out ”.

“It makes us very sad because we were very happy to be here,” he closed Ulysses Good. In this way, and adding to the casualties of Lourdes Sánchez and “Chato” Prada, the man from Cordoba and his girlfriend Brown dew ended his short stay in The academy. At least, temporarily if we take into account the words of the Marcelo tinelli.

Pablo Granados refused to return to ShowMatch to live in the field

The humorist Pablo Granados has been one of the historical characters that accompanied Marcelo tinelli throughout the years on Argentine television. However, he decided to give a radical turn to his life, reject the proposal to return to ShowMatch and dedicate himself to a country life. Months ago, in an interview he conducted with The nationThe Rosario assured: “The main reason is that I am living in the countryside, half isolated because I have a lot of respect for the virus.”

On the other hand, Pablo Granados He added: “Second, it’s what I feel. Everything we did there when we were there was great, but I’m not the same anymore. I love my teammates and I have great admiration for everyone in there, but now I don’t feel that excitement to do the same thing again so many years later ”.

Moreover, I have had a sciatic problem for weeks that I have to improve and it does not let me advance. I’m old!”, He sentenced Granados, who tried to be probed by his friend Pachu Peña to change the decision. However, his response remained the same and that is why the historic duo is no longer observed in the air of The thirteen.