HBO Max would already be developing a second season of Velma despite the hate it has generated on networks

Although it has only been happening for a few years, it already seems like something from ancient history, because there is no series or movie that defies traditional Hollywood standards that does not suffer harassment through social networks by those who consider that the characters cannot change their race or sexual tastes. As has happened to Velmathe new series of HBO Max.

But if before the studies gave a certain importance to these behaviors, now they are nothing more than background noise that does not prevent their creators from continuing to develop their ideas for those who know how to appreciate them. Precisely what has happened to Velma, the Scooby-Doo spin-off that appears to have already been renewed for a second season.


Velma _ Official Teaser _ Spanish subtitled _ HBO Max

This is what the web has published screenrantwho has been able to verify how HBO Max has already registered on the web Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) nine chapters corresponding to the second season of Velmadespite the fact that it has not yet been officially announced and only two episodes of the first have been released on the platform.

A confidence that surely comes from the great premiere that the series made on HBO Max, since with its first two chapters it has managed to become the best premiere in history of the platform for an animated series, making it clear that the general public is delighted to be able to discover Velma’s new adventures.

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Review-bombing at Rotten Tomatoes

Without a doubt the renewal for a second season of Velma This is great news, because it means that HBO Max has ignored the review-bombing it is suffering the animated series since it premiered last Thursday.

Well, while its score on websites such as Rotten Tomatoes exceeded 53% with only the criticism of the specialized media, since January 12 his score barely reaches 7% after having more than 2,000 user notes that do not go up one star. And all because Velma is no longer white and not straight either.

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HBO Max would already be developing a second season of Velma despite the hate it has generated on networks