Hawaii Five-0: Actor Scott Caan’s Last Appearance and What He’s Up To Now

Actor Scott Caan’s final appearance remains one of the most emotional moments of the final season of Hawaii Five-0. Now, several years later, fans are wondering what happened to the star and the new projects he has been involved in.

After the amazing ending of Hawaii Five-0fans have been wondering about the life of the actor who played Danny Williams, Scott Caanwho had his last appearance in the drama in a very emotional way saying goodbye to Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin), who left the island for a long time. But, this is what Caan has been doing now after several years.

Hawaii Five-0: Actor Scott Caan’s last appearance as Danny Williams in the drama

The actor Scott Caan Since the first season of Hawaii Five-0, he has been playing detective sergeant Daniel D. “Danny” Williams, who previously worked for the New Jersey police, but decided to move to the island of Hawaii to be near his daughter. He later became a special member of the Five-0 and partner of his great friend and partner Commander Steve McGarrett.

After 10 years on screen, Caan’s last appearance in Hawaii Five-0 as Danny happened in the last episode of season 10, after having an emotional meeting with McGarrett on the shore of the beach, while having a few beers and talking about all the adventures they lived together on the island and the ones they would live now that both would take different directions.

Without a doubt the scene of the actors Scott Caan Y Alex O’Loughlin, became one of the favorites of the fans of the police program Hawaii Five-0, due to all the moments that both actors had both with their characters and behind the scenes when they finished filming an episode. Now, 2 years since the end of the show, here’s what the Danny star has been up to.

At the moment, Scott Caan is currently working on the production of his own crime drama, called “topangaland”. This new project will move Caan from the sunny beaches of Hawaii to the streets of the city of Los Angeles. The show, which is scheduled to appear on the CBS television network, will be produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and co-written by “SEAL Team” creator Benjamin Cavell.

Hawaii Five-0: What will Scott Caan’s new crime show look like?

Caan will play a former police officer who works for his legendary father’s detective agency, investigating cases for both the wealthiest and the poorest in the city of Los Angeles. But, until now, no more details of Topangaland have been revealed, due to the fact that they are in various discussions with the budget and the scripts that will be seen.

However, it is also rumored that Scott Caan could participate in the “Entourage” reboot. According to the creator of this show, Doug Ellin, has said that he has developed new projects with Caan in mind and that he would be open to bringing his character back for a possible reboot of the series. The reality is that all the fans who saw the actor in Hawaii Five-0, expect to see the star back in action with the incredible scenes of him.

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Hawaii Five-0: Actor Scott Caan’s Last Appearance and What He’s Up To Now