Gustavo Bolívar is already clear about what he will do after resigning from Congress, it will cause a stir

Gustavo Bolívar is a businessman who has dedicated his time to Colombian books, movies and television. Throughout his career he has had great success and recognition in the country and internationally for several productions with large deployments.

Television productions based on his writings have reached more than 50 countries, so his recognition has grown rapidly. However, in 2018 he entered the country’s politics and arrived at the Congress of the Republic to occupy a seat of Human Colombia.

Although at that time it was thought that he would only be for four years, things changed due to a request made by then-candidate Gustavo Petro in 2022 to form the list of the Historical Pact.

“I had said that I did not want to return, but President Petro asked me to head the list and I accepted it with the commitment to be there for a short time and President Petro knows it”, was the surprising phrase of the congressman.

Since it is clear that Gustavo Bolívar will resign from the Senate, as he revealed in WEEK, it is already clear what he will do when he leaves his seat. He confessed that among his projects is to publish a book that will come to light when he is not walking the corridors of the National Capitol: “I have already had several chapters and it will be a very revealing book about politics in Colombia. I can tell you that the series we have seen of scandals like ‘House of Cards’ or ‘The Mechanism’ will remain as apprentices”.

In dialogue with WEEK, revealed that his book will generate great controversy in the country, because it will support, with proper names, what is exposed there; and that in other cases where there is not enough evidence, he will make some suggestions so that readers can draw their own conclusions.

Undoubtedly, this book that Senator Gustavo Bolívar is preparing could be a political ‘bomb’, considering that in his six years of experience in Congress he has known many situations that have not come to public light.

For example, he told what has happened to him in the presidency of the Third Committee of the Senate, which he currently chairs. “If I were corrupt, well, here in the presidency of the Third Commission I would make money because here there is a ‘lobby’ and impressive things that used to charge. I came to change that, to defend positions. That those who have more, pay more taxes”, asserted the senator.

It is not yet clear when he will publish the book, but the truth is that he is already writing it and, in addition, he will return to his profession to solve some economic problems. “I don’t feel comfortable, because I have to go back to my old life very soon. I have a huge tax gap and I can’t get to one of those points. I would like to approve the tax reform and the large projects that come through my commission. The budget went well and the other is the royalties, which we presented. Later, the National Development Plan. So after leaving those things done, I plan to step aside, take a step to the side, because I can’t keep sinking, because it’s the heritage of the whole family “, he claimed.

However, Bolívar does not rule out returning to the political arena, but it would be after solving all his financial problems and closing several businesses in his profession that would allow him to have the “prosperity” he had before entering the world of politics.

“I do not rule out that when I solve my economic issues I will do politics later on. I have some debts with Dian, I just made an income statement of more than a billion “he indicated.

Bolívar’s revelations made in WEEK They have caused a stir in the halls of Congress and several of his colleagues have asked him not to withdraw from politics.

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Gustavo Bolívar is already clear about what he will do after resigning from Congress, it will cause a stir