Guillermo Lasso will travel to Brazil on Tuesday for the Summit of South American countries

President Guillermo Lasso, who underwent prostate surgery in the United States a few days ago, will participate in the Summit of the Countries of South Americawhich will take place on Tuesday in Brasilia, confirmed this Sunday the Ministry of Communication.

Without further details, he made the trip known by informing that Lasso will offer statements to the press this Monday in Guayaquil.

The summit’s “main objective is to resume dialogue” between the countries of the region, “that have not met for many years,” as explained by the secretary for Latin America and the Caribbean of the Brazilian Foreign Ministry, Gisela Padovan.


The 67-year-old president traveled to the United States last week to undergo prostate surgery at a Houston hospital, a procedure that was successful, the President’s Communications Secretariat reported on Thursday.

The intervention on Lasso was carried out one day after the president presented his report to the nation in Quito after serving two years in office.

In his speech, Lasso defended his decision to decree a death cross a week before when the National Assembly, with an opposition majority, was going to vote for his dismissal through a political trial of censorship in which he was accused of an alleged crime of embezzlement.

Lasso resorted to that constitutional tool that allows the head of state to dissolve the Legislature and call extraordinary general elections, the first round of which will be held on August 20.

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The intervention on the prostate is the most recent in a series of procedures and medical check-ups carried out on Lasso in recent months and comes after he was hospitalized for almost a week in April due to an acute urinary tract infection.

In February of this same year, he underwent emergency surgery at a clinic in Guayaquil after fracturing his fibula after suffering a fall at his home.

In mid-2021, Lasso also underwent a “medium complexity” spinal cord operation in the United States with the aim of removing a cyst that blocked the mobility of his right leg.

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Lasso had suffered from motor limitation since 2013 due to an accident suffered in Spain, with a fracture of the tibia and fibula, after which two cysts were detected, apparently formed by misapplied anesthesia, one of them removed during an intervention he underwent in 2018 in the American city of Cleveland.

In August 2022, Lasso also traveled to Houston to undergo medical tests complementary to surgery on his right eyelid, after which melanoma was detected.

The President has not yet ruled on whether he will run again as a candidate for the early elections.

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Guillermo Lasso will travel to Brazil on Tuesday for the Summit of South American countries