Guillermo Dávila: Vasco Madueño is his legitimate son after DNA test

The Venezuelan artist Guillermo Davila, a member of the “La Voz Perú” jury, used his social networks to announce that the young singer Basque Madueño he is his legitimate son. After a DNA test, it was determined that paternity was fully compatible.

Through a video, the interpreter of “When love ends” assured that, although he does not like to air his private life, this occasion is special. “After many years and truncated negotiations in which I wanted to carry out successfully, it not only depended on me but also on whoever has the guardianship of Vasco, I am his father,” he is heard saying.

In addition, Guillermo Davila added that this test could be done now that Basque Madueño He is of legal age and can now make his own decisions. So, after the tests, he is his legitimate son.

“I want to strengthen that father-son relationship with him without anyone getting involved, just the two of us. It’s never too late to make up for lost time. I am going to enter into a situation of harmony and not of conflicts, controversies and insults that I have received from the media, because now I know that they did not come from him. It is a day to celebrate because I feel happy. Stop the misinformation from the press ”, concluded the jury of “La voz Peru”.

“It is an incomprehensible being”

The young singer Basque Madueño visited the set of “Magaly TV: La Firme” to talk about her career as a singer and about Guillermo Davila, who has denied being her father more than once.

Vasco Madueño prepares his first online concert with Alfredo Zambrano, husband Magaly medina. After singing before the driver’s cameras, she asked him again about his relationship with his father: “What do you think Guillermo Dávila would say if he sees you sing at your virtual concert? What do you think I would say?

“That is something that I have no idea, for me he is like an incomprehensible being, so getting to understand whatever comes out of his mouth is impossible,” he said.

Secondly, Basque Madueño He confessed that he notices a lot of “fear” on the part of the 66-year-old musician: “Just for that reason, just when I see him, I see a person who is quite afraid, I don’t know afraid of what. I see that he acts through fear and not with love, that is something that I have realized and I perceive, it is an instinct that I have. Good things never come out of fear ”.


I understood that reference

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