“Got Talent Uruguay”: singing, dancing and a “golden button” that came from Argentina

The fourth night of auditions arrived at Got Talent Uruguay and with a beautiful green dress and wearing a necklace in the shape of a lizard appeared Natalia Oreiro on the stage of the Movie Theater to kick off the day. After presenting to the judges Agustin Casanova, claudia fernandez, Maria Noel Riccetto Y Orlando Petinattiauditions began.


Those who made it to the next round

Andrea and Sasha They were in charge of opening tonight’s auditions. The two come from the world of dance and presented a couple’s salsa proposal.
“They were super involved in what they were doing. I was surprised by your strength,” he told one of them. I congratulate you and thank you very much, “Riccetto told them.
The pair left with three positive votes from the jury.

Valorant is a quintet from San José that came to dance K-pop. They presented a choreography that showed a lot of rehearsal and quite complicated, although that did not prevent Petinatti from pressing the red button on them.
“They are very musical and they were very synchronized. The five of them are impeccable, they all had their moment of brilliance and I was very pleased to see this group,” Riccetto told them. Petinatti needed to be explained more about K-pop. “The face also dances” one of the members told him. Apparently the comment served because the quintet took four positive votes.

Set alpenveinchen came with his happy music to the stage of gottalent. They are from Colonia Suiza and for 35 years they have dedicated themselves to taking traditions all over the world. They managed to get Petinatti and Casanova on stage to dance and entertain the audience.
“I liked it a lot. It was varied, it was good. Keep up that tradition and teach about your cultures and roots,” Riccetto told them. The set finished with four positive votes.

A kind of giant xylophone appeared on the stage. It is a balafon, one of the works of Ignatius Silva who began to create instruments with discarded materials. He played an Afro-Ecuadorian piece on the instrument.
“What you do is very difficult because a great coordination is needed and it sounds very good,” Casanova told him. “I liked listening to you,” Riccetto told him.

“Music for me is everything,” said the young woman Laura Galarza in your presentation. I would like to make his career compatible, he wants to study medicine, with music.
To demonstrate the capacity of her voice, she performed “At last” by Etta Jones.
“You have a very good you” Casanova told him. “You’re off” Fernandez commented. After the vote, the 17-year-old took four Yes from the jury.

Maximilian He is 32 years old and has been dancing since he was 12 years old. She lives in the Las Acacias neighborhood and works as a workshop facilitator in educational centers in the Marconi neighborhood. She came to Got Talent to present a fusion between classical and contemporary dance.

“I really liked the merger you did and hearing your story. It takes a lot of courage,” Riccetto said. Before voting, Petinatti asked the participant’s mother, Alba, to vote in her place. The result was four positive votes for the dancer.

Valentina Costa came from Barros Blancos and came to play the organ and sing. “I signed up as somewhat impulsive,” he said. She performed with a beautiful version of Elvis Presley’s “Can’t help falling i’m love with you”.
“I would love to see you on stage again,” Riccetto told him before giving him the first of the three positive votes he got.


The Golden button that came from Argentina

The vortex duo integrated by Federico and Brisa are from Argentina, they do acrobatics and a number of tapes was what they presented on stage.
“They know what they do, they prepared it, very synchronized. I love that they have come to our country to grow artistically. Too bad I already gave my gold pass,” said Riccetto.

“Everything perfect. I was looking for the mistake and I couldn’t find it,” Petinatti said.
“They have given us a perfect show,” Fernandez told them.
The couple had received four positive votes from the jury and were about to leave the stage when Fernández called them and said “You forgot something” before pressing the golden button that made them semifinalists.


Those who did not make it to the next round

Richard Vaz is a singer, is 21 years old and came from Rivera. He is an English teacher, a guitar teacher, he studied with Estelita Brasil and said that he has been singing since he was a child. He performed “Llueve” by Lucas Sugo and before finishing his performance, Petinatti and Riccetto pressed the red button on him.
“There were a lot of detune problems. It’s nothing serious,” Casanova told him. Richard did not get the necessary votes to go through the round, but he got the applause of the public.

Bachata with contemporary dance is the proposal presented by the group b&v studio. It is a choreography created by Braulio and Valentina, finalists from last season.
“They were very even but I lacked a little more show,” Riccetto told them.
The couple did not get the three positive votes necessary to advance to the next round.

matthew rodriguez He is 19 years old and has been playing beat box for five years. He started doing a bit of Candombe, went through trap, samba, drum and bass and even electronic music.
“The idea seemed original to me, although at times it can be played more like a show so that it’s not just showing the rhythms you know how to do,” Casanova told him. The young man did not get the necessary votes to go to the second round.

The Duo Juan Marco, made up of street artists came to perform flamenco music. Although at the audition they performed “Lucerito” by Monterrojo.
“They promised us a flamenco that was never there” Fernández told them.
“Your voice is very good. For me it’s good, small details are missing because you’re both very talented,” Casanova told them.
The duo failed to advance to the next round.

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“Got Talent Uruguay”: singing, dancing and a “golden button” that came from Argentina