From Zaragoza, teacher and athlete: this is the new tempting VIP of ‘The island of temptations 6’

The followers of ‘The island of temptations’ are in luck, as less than a month after their last installment, Telecinco started a new edition last Monday, the sixth of this formatwhich tests fidelity in couples.

Presented by Sandra Barneda, ‘The Island of Temptations’ is one of the most popular ‘reality shows’ of recent times -especially among young people-, hence the rush of the chain for the premiere of this new season, taking into account the drop in audiences that it has suffered in recent months, and waiting for the arrival of ‘Survivors’. Y although he saved the furniture (he won the Turkish series on Antena 3), the program returned with the worst premiere of one of its editions.

on his return, There was no lack of reproaches, discussions, fooling around and passion. But there was a participating couple who starred, by a landslide, in the social conversation: the one formed by Naomi and Adrián, who promised to go down the aisle if they manage to overcome this tough test of love. However, his start on the program was not very positive, since they had a great discussion as soon as ‘The Island of Temptations 6’ began. Naomi exploded at her boyfriend for asking one of the single women she had a run-in with during the presentation.

Another of the great moments of the program was the arrival, to the surprise of the participants, of a new VIP bachelor. It is about Saúl Pina from Zaragoza, who landed in the town ready to revolutionize paradise, although he is not a stranger to the audience. The young man He was a suitor in 2018 of the mythical tronista Violeta Mangriñan in ‘Mujeres y hombres y viceversa’another of the Mediaset spaces with great success among young people.

Instagram of Saúl Pina, from ‘The island of temptations 6’

The man from Zaragoza, who lives halfway between Madrid and the Aragonese capital, He is 27 years old, he is a Primary Education teacher and also an athlete, specifically a pole vaulteras quoted in the biography of his profile of instagram (@saulpinacubero).

Saúl shares different publications about his life, his day to day, his trips, practicing sports and ‘upload’ selfies like any other young man his age. His jump to the TV allowed him to significantly increase his followers (has more than 102,000), which allows you to collaborate with some brands.

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From Zaragoza, teacher and athlete: this is the new tempting VIP of ‘The island of temptations 6’