‘Friends’: Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer had a crush on each other, why couldn’t theirs be?

The Rachel and Ross thing also existed in real life. The actors couldn’t help but be attracted, but they couldn’t find the right moment.

“In season one, I had a crush on Jen.” That’s how clear David Schwimmer was at the meeting of Friends when James Corden has asked if, after so much time sharing moments before the cameras, love had never emerged between them. It turns out that the Rachel and Ross thing went beyond the small screen and we discovered it almost 30 years after it happened..

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The confession doesn’t end there. Jennifer Aniston assures that hers was “reciprocal” but they never came to anything because they did not find the right moment. “At some point, we were both strongly attracted to each other, but it was like two ships crossing each other. One of us was always in a relationship and we could never cross paths“explains Schwimmer.

The special episode includes archival footage of Aniston and Schwimmer very caramelized on the couch in Monica’s apartment. “There were times when we snuggled up on the couch and made the spoon or things like that. How come nobody knew we liked each other?”, Says the actor. Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry have quickly revealed that everyone knew it and, as Cox explains, they were actually lucky not to go further: “If you had been together and it had not turned out well, it might not have been so special.”

Who knows if their on-screen chemistry would have weathered the ups and downs of a real-life relationship. Working together on such a famous television series didn’t work in their favor either. “It’s going to be a bummer if the first time you and I kiss is … on national television. We simply channel our adoration and love for each other towards Ross and Rachel.“says Aniston. They must have had a lot of love inside, since they became the definitive couple on television.

It is just one of the details that have been made known during the special meeting of Friends. The meeting between the actors has also served to learn behind-the-scenes anecdotes, such as Matt LeBlanc’s injury while filming the episode “In which no one is ready” from the third season. Joey and Chandler are fighting over an armchair and in one of the takes LeBlanc fell ill and dislocated his arm. “What started out as the simplest episode of FriendsIt ended up being the one that took the longest to shoot, “says the producer.

The meeting of Friends It is available on HBO Spain from this Thursday, May 27.