Francisca shows off her legs in a red outfit and the compliments were immediate

Francesca Lachapel

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Francesca Lachapel she continues to show off her figure and the cute outfits she wears and her Instagram followers do not hesitate at any time to leave her comments highlighting her beauty and personality.

On this occasion, the Dominican presenter of Despierta América wore a dress in red and orange tones and red strappy heels. In three photos, Gennaro’s mother showed off her outfit, her smile, matching earrings with her dress and purple painted nails.

“Choose the colors you want to see in your life,” wrote the Dominican host to accompany these three images.

These are some of the messages left by his followers: “Incredible your change. That is called being persevering and constant. The body”, “as pretty as ever”, “Francisca, blessings, always divine” and “How beautiful, I love her personality and her humility” are some of the words dedicated to the Dominican.

Recently, Francisca celebrated a great achievement in her life: received his US citizenship 11 years after arriving in the United States. After receiving this important document, the Dominican recalled her audition at Nuestra Belleza Latina, where she told how her arrival in that country was and part of the situations she had to experience:

“When I was 20 years old, I decided to leave everything in my country to come to a country where I knew absolutely nothing or no one. I am the first in my family who decided to come at that age. I remained undocumented. It was a very hard time because I was alone, I was hungry in a country of such abundance that people say no … ”, she said during her audition for this beauty contest.

Besides, The presenter of Despierta América is about to walk to the altar to join Francesco Zampogna in holy matrimony. The ecclesiastical wedding will take place in the Dominican Republic.

Francisca revealed a few days ago part of the list of gifts she asked for her wedding: a cheese board, a set of suitcases and even a robot vacuum cleaner are on the list made for the wedding guests.

His fans have closely experienced this preparation for the wedding and have spoken about it. “I’m happy for your wedding,” they told the Dominican on that post where she shows her gift list.

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Francisca shows off her legs in a red outfit and the compliments were immediate