June 10, 2021

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Former television producer, one step from jail for sexual harassment cases

Former television producer one step from jail for sexual harassment

The United States justice issued an arrest warrant against the ex-producer of the program ‘The fat and the skinny‘, Enrique Albis, for various complaints against him for sexual harassment.

According to journalist Marco Antonio Silva, the former producer has been accused by at least 15 women, who they claim were victims of sexual assault.

Albis He was accused of deceiving the young women into believing that he would audition them to enter Univisión or the program of ‘The fat and the skinny‘; however, he used his power to abuse them.

This man for a long time was in charge of the production of this program, there are already several victims, more than 15 people have denounced how he harassed them, how he wanted to cajole them. This man used his power as a producer to be able to harass the victims and lead them to privacy”, He recounted.

VIDEO / Marco Antonio Silva Official

According to the communicator, at first the former producer pretended to be gay and took advantage of this situation to touch them improperly.

First he made them believe he was gay … he told them ‘take off your clothes, let me touch you here because you have to show part of those charms because you are going to do a section’ and some victims did agree, others reported directly to the producer, some Univision paid them a sum of money to keep silent and never talk about it again”He added.

The journalist pointed out that the way in which the ex-producer is that “in exchange for giving them a position on television or in the program, I asked them for sexual favors.”

After the series of complaints, Univisión decided to cease its activities in 2016, while with the alleged victims it signed a confidentiality agreement.

However, the women have come together to bring the case before the US authorities, who are looking for Enrique Albis, since he is currently a fugitive from justice.

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