Forget about dealing with USB sticks: this app allows you to send content between mobile, TV and PC via Wi-Fi effortlessly

I have to admit that one of the reasons that prompted me to make me in his day with a TV moved by Android TV It is the huge ecosystem of applications to which it offers access to enhance the use of the television. If a functionality is not available we can incorporate it through an app and that’s what EasyJoin Go TV offers, an application to send content between TV and other devices.

EasyJoin Go TV es an application that we can install on the mobile, computer and on the television with the aim of exchanging content easily and simply. You won’t have to play with hard drives or USB drives to send photos, apks, files … since everything goes via Wi-Fi.

We can forget about the USB

There are times when we are interested in uploading a file to Android TV, be it multimedia content or an application not available on Google Play. At that point we have to deal with USB connections, if the TV has them and with read and write permissions. With EasyJoin Go TV this is not necessary.


Just install EasyJoin Go TV on mobile and TV or PC and in the latter case the application is downloaded in the Web page from the developer.

For the TV to work, as well as the PC or the mobile phone, they must be “hooked” to the same Wi-Fi network

Once installed, we must give it the access permissions to the storage and when we open it we see how it establishes a classification of the content of the devices by categories: photos, videos, music, documents, applications and downloads.


We can also optimize the results, useful if we have many files, by allowing filter by size, alphabetical order or by date, the same as we can also use the file browser.


The only requirement to submit content is that both the sending and receiving devices are under the same Wi-Fi network. At that point, we have to choose the file (of any type) that we want to send and with it (or them) selected, look for the delivery arrow that appears at the top right. If we see that this is not active, click on the circular icon to search for the device again.

Of the

After clicking on the icon content is instantly transferred to TV or mobile, receiving an alert when the process, which is immediate, has concluded. We can send applications, music files, screenshots we take on TV, Photographs…



EasyJoin Go TV is, yes, a paid application and has a price of 2.39 euros. It has no ads and no in-app purchases, but it is interesting if you are used to exchanging information between your TV, Android phone and PC.

Easy Join Go TV