For the critics: it is rumored about the departure of Juana Viale from Mirtha Legrand’s program

After the resounding note of Juana Viale to former President Mauricio Macri, who sat at his table last Saturday night and exceeded 11 rating points, a strong version put back to Mirtha Legrand’s granddaughter In the eye of the storm

Why? Because the actress he would have gotten tired of opinions and criticism, after an intense year in front of his grandmother’s program, and he did not rule out give up the cycle in the next few hours.

According Fernando Piaggio, TV show journalist Chronicle, there is a strong version that indicates that “there are many people who He did not like the interview with Mauricio Macri“.

“This is commented to Juana and there would be a fatigue due to the criticism. Beyond that they put all the money on her and the brother takes care of her, she is very tired. They give her directions similar to Mirtha’s, and she wants to know absolutely nothing. She says that ‘my grandmother is my grandmother and I am me‘”, added the driver about it.

“There is a very great reproach that those close to Juana make and she says: ‘I open the program’. Mirtha and Juana’s family burns. They did not expect this reaction, “added Piaggio details.

With the departure of Juanita, the replacement would be Marcela tinayre who would I have told “Mom, now take care of yourself“.” Juana told her mother: ´I got tired, I did what I could for Grandma. Now you take care of replacing her, her daughter´. A resignation presentation, “concluded the journalist.

The possible departure of Joan Viale It will probably be noticed in the next broadcasts, since this Sunday the driver remained on the screen with a varied table.

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